Diddy accused of felony assault with kettlebell

Patrick Schwarzenegger will star in a movie… Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith got a restraining order… Cody Simpson and ex-girlfriend Gigi Hadid’s awkward flight… Britney Spears and Charlie Ebersol have broken up… and  Diddy accused of felony assault with kettlebell

Patrick Schwarzenegger — movie star? Yes! Patrick is going to star in the movie “Midnight Sun” alongside Bella Thorne! His mommy, Maria Shriver, shared the news on Twitter, “Congrats to @PSchwarzenegger! So exciting. Hard work pays off.” And the hidden subtext of that tweet? “THANK GOD you dumped that nasty Miley Cyrus!” “Midnight Sun” is based on a 2006 Japanese film about a 17-year-old girl — that’s Bella! — who suffers from a rare disease that makes her so sensitive to sunlight that even a little exposure could kill her. But then she meets a guy named Charlie — that’s Patrick! — and her life is changed forever! They start shooting in September.

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith got a restraining order yesterday against a woman who broke into their  home back in March. A housekeeper found 26-year-old Ariel Archer in the Smiths’ kitchen and called the cops. The woman refused to leave and they arrested her. During yesterday’s hearing, Ms. Archer was sentenced to 3 years probation and she has to stay at least 150 yards away from Will and Jada, their kids and their home.

Talk about awkward! Cody Simpson and his ex-girlfriend Gigi Hadid managed to avoid each other at Canada’s Much Music Awards Sunday night, but they couldn’t avoid each other in first class! Not only were Cody and Gigi booked on the same flight back to LA the next day, they were seated right next to each other! Cody had a sense of humor about it, Snapchatting a photo of the two of them looking less than thrilled, captioning it, “When you get seated next to ur ex on a plane.” But once they landed at LAX, they both went their separate ways.

After almost 8 months of bliss, Britney Spears and Charlie Ebersol have broken up. Sources told RadarOnline.com that Britney had been pressuring Charlie to put a ring on it and give her a baby, but he just wasn’t ready to settle down. Britney reportedly decided to end the relationship,  finally decided to end things, but before the news and headed down to Louisiana for a weekend with her family and friends. But the day before news of the split broke, Britney posted a picture of her on a boat with some hot dude, captioning it, “So nice to be home! Nothing like Louisiana boys.” Well!!  Here’s the back story on THAT. So! Britney was at the lake and this local boat handler/college football kicker named Harris Beall recognized her and asked her for a picture. Britney said yes, but asked if they could take it with HER camera. Obviously, it’s because she wanted to post it online and rub Charlie’s nose in it! But no, Harris is not Britney’s new boyfriend. They barely met. But at least he’s having fun with it on Twitter — @BeallWithIt, if you want to check him out.

So nice to be home! Nothing like Louisiana boys

A photo posted by Britney Spears (@britneyspears) on

Diddy was arrested on suspicion of felony assault and is now free after posting $160K bail. So what happened??? Diddy’s son, Justin Combs, is a defensive back for UCLA. TMZ is reporting that the team’s strength and conditioning coach Sal Alosi had been working Justin to the bone, then yelled at him during practice and told him not to come back until the end of summer. Diddy went into protective daddy mode and stormed up to the training complex to confront the coach. Diddy was told to “hang on” and felt that he was being ignored, so he allegedly picked up a kettle bell and started swinging. A source told TMZ that Diddy narrowly missed hitting the coach, but if he had, it “could have killed him.” Of course Diddy is claiming self defense, saying Coach Alosi was the real aggressor and he grabbed the kettle bell to defend himself. And it’s not like Alosi has a squeaky clean record. Back in 2010 when he was working for the Jets, he was standing on the sideline and tripped a Dolphins player was was running down the field to cover a punt. And in 1999, he was arrested for allegedly assaulting three students while attending Hofstra University. He pleaded that down to harassment. But what about Diddy’s record? In 1999, he was acquitted on weapons-related charges after a shooting in a Manhattan club, the same year he was arrested for his involvement in the beating of a former record executive. Those charges were later reduced after Diddy said he was sorry. And an Arizona man claimed Diddy punched him at the Super Bowl this year, but Diddy wasn’t arrested for that.


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