AMC theaters delay its reopening… Mark Wahlberg is allergic… Ryan Seacrest announces breakup… Tyler Cameron may be off the market… and Disney Parks to redesign in wake of Splash Mountain news

Yesterday, it was announced that Broadway will remain shut down for the rest of the year. If you have tickets for any performances through January 3rd, you can get a refund or exchange them for a later show. They’re not even estimating a return date at this point. And if you’ve been chomping at the bit to get back into a movie theater, tap the brakes on that. Yesterday, the country’s largest theater chain — AMC Theaters — announced they’re not going to open back up until AT LEAST the end of July.

Mark Wahlberg posted a shirtless photo. This is nothing new. What was new is, he wasn’t showing off his muscles. Mark got a skin prick test on his back to test for allergies. With the skin prick test, they apply all these different allergens to your back and if a red bump rises up, you’re allergic to that. Mark’s back was covered in red welts. He captioned the photo, “It only took me 49 years to realize I’m allergic to almost everything.”

They say the third time’s the charm, until it isn’t! Back on May 1st, on “Live with Kelly and Ryan,” Ryan Seacrest wished Shayna Taylor a happy third anniversary. He explained it wasn’t technically their third anniversary, but it was their third time getting back together. He explained to Kelly, “It’s an eight-year run, but it’s our third run together, so we celebrate each trial.” Each trial??? I’m sure Shayna loved hearing that. But this third trial was a short one because Ryan and Shayna are done. Maybe what he said on the air had something to do with it because his rep said they broke up “some time ago.” In fact, Ryan is currently vacationing with a mystery blonde in Cabo.

Last night it was JoJo Fletcher’s turn for a trip down memory lane as we re-lived her season as the Bachelorette. Chris Harrison decided to take a break from the action to visit with Tyler Cameron down in Florida because why not?? Tyler invited his roommate to jump on the video call with him. That would be Matt James — our next Bachelor AND the first Black bachelor in the show’s history. Matt said he’s heard from a lot of his Black friends who aren’t part of Bachelor Nation, but they will be once his season starts! And he said his mom’s “grandkid counter” has already started.

After years of complaints that “Splash Mountain” is based on a racist movie, Disney is finally changing the theme of the ride to “The Princess and the Frog.” But rumor is, more changes could be coming. According to one Disney fan site, there’s a rumored list of attractions being audited to determine if they need to be changed, as well. Stereotyping appears to be the main complaint. The Jungle Cruise depicts depicts natives as “headhunters” and “savages”…There’s a Native American scene during Peter Pan’s Flight that could make some guests uncomfortable…And you may complain that you can’t get that song out of your head, but does “It’s a Small World” perpetuate racial stereotypes?

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