Serena and Venus Williams forfeit match… Homeless man threatens Michael Strahan… Shia LaBeouf’s alcohol addiction… Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Justin Bieber’s relationship… and Does Beyonce still resent Jay-Z for cheating?

Serena and Venus Williams had to forfeit their doubles match at Wimbledon yesterday after Serena exhibited some very strange behavior. Serena was struggling just to bounce, catch and serve the ball and seemed to be very confused. Former tennis star Tracy Austin was commenting on the match for the BBC and said it was the strangest 15 minutes she’d ever seen on a tennis court.’  Serena ended up walking off the court hand-in-hand with her sister. Wimbledon later tweeted that Serena was suffering from a viral illness. Serena released a statement saying the bug just got the best of her.

A homeless man went to ABC studios in NYC yesterday, apparently with the intent to kill Michael Strahan! Police say 25-year-old Andre Johnson showed up at the Times Square Studio where “Good Morning America” is shot about 8am yesterday — the time when the cast often walks out onto the sidewalk to talk to fans. This guy got into an argument with security, pulled out a knife and started shouting that he was there to kill Michael, who makes appearance on GMA. A cop working security then grabbed him and was able to get the knife. He was taken to jail where it looks like he’s being held without bail.

Shia LaBeouf’s rep says he has NOT checked into rehab, but he IS getting help for his alcohol addiction. It’s most likely AA because Shia was seen carrying the program’s handbook and he has been through AA before. Meantime, Robin Williams has checked himself into rehab in Minnesota. His reps want us to know that Robin has not relapsed. Robin just needs to “recharge” himself through mediation and yoga and things like that. Robin has been clean since he was treated 8 years ago and has every intention of keeping it that way.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. doesn’t care if anybody makes fun of his relationship with Justin Bieber because his love for the Biebs is unconditional. TMZ reported that when Floyd was on the red carpet for the BET Awards Sunday night, he was on the phone with Justin when he got word that three of his children had been in a car accident. Justin found out where the accident happened and rushed to the scene to comfort the kids, and Floyd says he will always be grateful for that.

Ever since Solange attacked Jay-Z in the elevator, there have been rumors that Jay-Z and Beyonce’s marriage is in trouble. It didn’t help matters when the couple were in concert in Ohio this weekend when Beyonce sang her 2008 song, “Resentment.” Instead of singing the lyric, “Been riding with you for six years” — which is how long they were together at the time — she updated the lyric to “Been riding with you for 12 years” — which is how long they’ve been together now. The song basically blasts her man for cheating and how she still resents it. This performance came after rumors surfaced that Jay-Z has had a longterm relationship with Mya and has even been supporting her financially!


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