Does Jessica Simpson have a problem with prescription meds and alcohol?

Pee Wee Herman’s Netflix movie… Rob Lowe’s commercials are getting pulled… Frances Bean Cobain not a fan of Nirvana… Bobbi Kristina Brown update… and Does Jessica Simpson have a problem with prescription meds and alcohol?

Pee Wee Herman is busy filming his made-for-Netflix movie, “Pee Wee’s Big Holiday,” and guess who’s just been added to the cast! Joe Manganiello!! We don’t know what role he’s playing, but we know that the movie itself is very similar in style and tone to “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure.”

The Better Business Bureau has a problem with Rob Lowe’s commercials for DirecTV and wants them pulled from the air. In the ads, Rob plays different versions of himself — “super creepy” Rob Lowe… “painfully awkward” Rob Lowe… “meathead” Rob Lowe… “far less attractive” Rob Lowe… He says, “Don’t be like this me. Get rid of cable and upgrade to DirecTV.” Funny stuff, right?? But the BBB says DirecTV can’t substantiate many of the claims they make in the spot — not that you’ll look like sexy Rob Lowe if you sign up for DirecTV — but the parts where they promise 99% signal reliability, better picture and sound quality, more sports programming than the competition and shorter customer service wait times. Yeah…they’ve got a problem with all THAT.

“Rolling Stone” interviewed Frances Bean Cobain and she revealed that she doesn’t care much for Nirvana. It also sounds like she doesn’t care much for her late father, either. Frances wasn’t even 2 when Kurt killed himself, so she has no memory of her dad. She told “Rolling Stone” that she understands that his music inspired a generation, but without that, he’d “just be another guy who abandoned his family in the most awful way possible.”

A family source has given “People” an update on Bobbi Kristina Brown, saying the family is “all cried out” at this point. She’s in a rehab facility, showing no signs of any improvement. The family drama has calmed down quite a bit and the atmosphere is calm. Apparently, her Aunt Pat is making daily visits, but the source says it’s all for show. The source says she’s only visiting to make herself look good in the eyes of the press while she’s bullying Bobby Brown behind the scenes to take his daughter off life support. The Brown family is very suspicious of Pat Houston’s motives. She’s the executor of Whitney Houston’s estate and will inherit any remaining money she left to her daughter in her will.

A couple of different magazines are reporting that Jessica Simpson has a problem with prescription meds and alcohol and none of her family and friends know how to help her. “Life & Style” reported that Jessica uses Adderall to stay skinny and then drinks wine and scotch every night to take the edge off. The family tried to intervene, but a source told “In Touch” that she made it clear that if anyone mentions her “problem” again, they’ll be cut off.  Gossip Cop is reporting that none of this is true.


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