Showbiz Top 5: Does Miley Cyrus have a new guy?

Halle Berry finally had her baby…Deion Sanders had sharp stomach pains after landing at LAX…”Gravity” broke box office records this weekend…Diddy is starting his own channel…And does Miley Cyrus have a new guy?

Halle Berry finally had that baby, and yes — it’s a boy! That much we knew. We still don’t know the name, though. Halle chose to have her baby in LA rather than France, which is her husband Olivier Martinez’s home country. Everyone is said to be doing well.

After landing at LAX, Deion Sanders began experiencing sharp stomach pains and emergency responders were there to help. But before they hauled him off to the hospital, they asked Deion to pose for a picture and he obliged. TMZ is reporting that Deion is being checked for possible kidney stones as well as appendix issues, so obviously, he was posing and smiling through a lot of pain!

“Gravity” broke box office records this weekend. With $55.6 million in ticket sales, it was the biggest opening in October ever. But can you imagine anyone other than Sandra Bullock in the lead role? Reportedly Angelina Jolie had the part, but she said no because not only would Warner Bros. not pay her $20 million asking price, she also wanted to work on “In the Land of Blood and Honey.” And George Clooney wasn’t the first pick for the male lead, either. Producers initially imagined Robert Downey Jr. in that role.

Following in the footsteps of Oprah’s OWN network, Diddy is starting his own channel. It’s a 24-hour music channel called Revolt, which is described as kind of old school MTV. Diddy has brought on his son Christian, Lil Twist and Kylie Jenner to do promos, appear on some shows and hype things up with social media. It’s supposed to be launching this month….

Miley Cyrus showed up for the SNL after-party, but sources say she was on her phone texting this guy named Theo Wenner all night. You might not know the name, but his dad owns “Rolling Stone” and he used to date Liv Tyler. Anyway, a little before 3am, Miley reportedly got another text from Theo, jumped up from the table and left the party and her friends behind. Then she and her bodyguard spent the next hour trying to shake about 5 paparazzi cars tailing them. She eventually lost them, but sources say the bodyguard dropped Miley off to spend the night with Theo.

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