Hip Hop Cash Kings of 2016… Ryan Lochte’s suspension… Gavin Rossdale and Elin Nordegren are dating… Kanye West’s shameful design… and Drake tour bus robbed of $3 Million in jewelry

Forbes magazine loves lists and now they’re out with the Hip Hop Cash Kings of 2016. According to Forbes, Diddy is the highest earning hip-hopper for the second straight year. Thanks to his Bad Boy Reunion Tour and his Ciroc vodka and all of his other entrepreneurial ventures, Diddy took in $62 million over the past year. Coming in second on the list is Jay Z with $53.5 million. Dr. Dre is third with $41 million.

The US Olympic Committee is punishing Ryan Lochte for lying about the robbery in Brazil with a 10-month suspension. Apparently the committee thinks lying is worse than drunk driving because they only suspended Michael Phelps for six months for his two DUIs. The three other swimmers involved in the lie were also suspended, but for less time. At least one of them got four months.

Mutual friends played matchmaker for Gavin Rossdale and Elin Nordegren and it looks like it was a success! It turns out Gwen Stefani and Tiger Woods’ exes have a lot in common. He cheated with the nanny and she once was a nanny. But divorce was very good to Elin and a source told Us Weekly that even though she lives in Florida and Gavin lives in LA, she just hops in her private plane to fly out there whenever her heart desires.

Kanye West debuted his “Yeezy Season 4” collection at an abandoned smallpox hospital on Roosevelt Island in New York. It didn’t go well. First, Kanye had guests shuttled to the show on buses, which they were stuck waiting in for two hours until Kanye finally showed up to get things started. (In his defense, he was in a fender bender.) One model fainted from the heat. Other models were wobbling and tripping up and down the runway because the shoes Kanye designed were literally falling apart as they walked. But how about the fashion? As the editorial director for The Cut tweeted, “Most awful thing I have ever seen at #NYFW. This is shameful and horrible and I regret coming. #YeezySeason4.”

While Drake was performing in Phoenix Tuesday night, somebody sneaked onto one of his tour buses and stole a briefcase with $3 million worth of jewelry inside. The jewelry reportedly belonged to Drake’s DJ Future the Prince. Police checked surveillance footage and quickly tracked down the culprit — 21-year-old Travion King. Funny thing is, Travion was already in jail after being arrested Wednesday morning for trespassing at Arizona State University. The jewelry was returned to DJ Future the Prince.


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