New Black Widow comic book series… RHOC is now down two… Kylie Jenner frequently flew in Kobe’s helicopter… Andy Samberg’s new romantic comedy… and #DuaLipaIsOverParty began trending on Twitter

“Black Widow” hits theaters on May 1, and to get everybody ever more excited than they already are, Marvel is releasing a new Black Widow comic book series a month before the movie comes out. According to The Hollywood Reporter, “The series will see Black Widow’s various enemies return to threaten the former super spy with something ‘even more permanent than death,’ according to the publisher — a line that makes more sense when it’s remembered that Natasha Romanoff was killed off in 2017’s ‘Secret Empire’ storyline, only to return a year later in the ‘Tales of Suspense’ miniseries.”

“Real Housewives of Orange County” is now down two. Vicki Gunvalson swallowed a lot of pride when she was demoted to “friend of Housewives” last season. But when they made that same offer for next season, Vicki quit. So the OG of the OC is out, and it turns out Tamra Judge is right behind her. Tamra’s been there since Season 2, and after 12 years, she was making a reported $900K per season. Apparently, Tamra was offered “friend of Housewives,” which would take her down to just $20K per episode. She didn’t like that idea. That’s when Bravo offered her three episodes to come back and wrap up her storyline, and she said no to that, too.

Back in November, Dream Kardashian turned 3. To celebrate, Aunt Kylie took her on her first helicopter ride. After Kobe Bryant’s tragic crash on Sunday, Kylie posted about having been on that very same helicopter for Dream’s birthday. Now Black Chyna’s lawyer has released a statement letting everyone know that what Kylie failed to mention. Nobody asked Chyna for permission to let Dream go on that birthday ride, and if they had, her answer would have been no.

Andy Samberg’s new romantic comedy called “Palm Springs” just premiered at the Sundance Film Festival to great reviews. Most of the movies at film festivals are made independently, then screened and sold to studios to distribute them. Andy’s movie has broken the record for the most expensive movie ever bought at Sundance. “Palm Springs” was sold to the companies Neon and Hulu for $17,500,000.69, breaking the record by 69 cents. “Palm Springs” is an R-rated rom-com set a wedding where Andy falls for the maid of honor after rescuing her from a disastrous wedding toast. The film was made by Andy’s production company, Party Over Here. They released a statement saying, “We spent over 85 million dollars of our own money on this movie, WE ARE TAKING A BATH on this deal. We hope Neon and Hulu are happy but we definitely have a lot of explaining to do to our families.”

After her big night at the Grammys, Lizzo wanted to keep the party going at the Crazy Girls strip club. Lil Nas X, Rosalía and Dua Lipa were among those who tagged along. Lizzo posted in Instagram story showing Dua Lipa dancing and throwing money at the strippers, and pretty soon #DuaLipaIsOverParty began trending on Twitter. She was being slammed for claiming to be a feminist but there she was, sexualizing and objectifying women. But then she had those supporting her. One tweeted, “if ur a REAL feminist u would support sex workers and especially OTHER WOMEN THAT SUPPORT THEM TOO.”

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