Dwayne Johnson Recorded A Touching Tribute For A Late Fan

Spice Girls reunion tour next year… Ed Sheeran is already married?… Alec Baldwin cast in upcoming Batman movie… Ben Affleck update… and Dwayne Johnson recorded a touching tribute for a late fan

Yesterday, we told you Mel B is going to enter rehab in a few weeks to deal with her PTSD and her addictions to alcohol and sex. She’ll be out in plenty of time for the Spice Girls reunion tour next year. The Sun announced over the weekend that the Spice Girls minus Victoria Beckham will do a 13-date tour of the UK in 2019. If each show sells out, the Girls stand to make over $15 million each. Apparently, Victoria doesn’t need the cash. But even though she won’t be part of the tour, it won’t really sound any different. Victoria revealed in the past that her microphone was turned off during live performances.

Ed Sheeran says he doesn’t really do anything publicly, but in an Instagram post back in January, Ed revealed that he and Cherry Seaborn had gotten engaged just before the new year. He started wearing what looked like a wedding band in February, but Ed told a reporter that it was actually an engagement ring Cherry made for him and they weren’t married yet. However! While promoting his upcoming documentary, a reporter asked Ed how the wedding planning was going and he just shrugged. After a little more prodding, Ed held up his ring finger and seemed to be letting us all know that the deed has already been done.

The Wrap is reporting that Alec Baldwin has been cast to play Batman’s father in the upcoming movie, “Joker,” which is due in theaters October 4, 2019. Joaquin Phoenix will play the Joker, and this movie is about how he came to be. Alec is playing Thomas Wayne, a gifted doctor and philanthropist in Gotham City. He and his wife Martha were murdered by a mugger in the streets, which is what inspired their young son Bruce to grow up and fight crime as Batman.

Speaking of Batman, Ben Affleck may never play that role again. Sources told The Wrap that it would simply cost too much to insure Ben, and that, “more than likely, the studio will replace him.” This doesn’t mean Ben’s career in movies is over! Remember Robert Downey Jr. went through similar struggles. But people took a chance on him, including Mel Gibson, who paid Robert’s insurance himself so he could be in his 2003 movie, “The Singing Detective.” Sources say Ben may actually end up following Robert’s example and do some lower-budget independent films for a while before insurers will take another chance on him in a major studio release.

Dwayne Johnson sent a video tribute to the family of a mother and daughter killed when a YouTube star decided to commit suicide by driving the wrong way on the interstate and hit them head on. Aileen Pizarro’s 19-year-old son tweeted about how his mom was a huge Dwayne Johnson fan, saying, “I’m trying to get him to do even a video saying her name for the funeral. If you could retweet the crap outta this for him to see it that’d mean the world. Thank you!” Dwayne says he saw all the messages and he did send that video, saying in part, “If your mom can see me now, which I’m sure she can, I just want to thank her for all the love and being such a big fan.” Angelo tweeted his thanks, and Dwayne responded, “Least I could do. Story is heartbreaking. Stay strong.”


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