Dwayne Johnson’s secret meeting with Vin Diesel

Ron Weasley owes $1.3 million… Tom Hiddleston joins Instagram… Did Ed Sheeran rip off another song?… Bench warrant for Tyga… and Dwayne Johnson’s secret meeting with Vin Diesel

That little redhead Ron Weasley from “Harry Potter” has to write a great big check to the government. Even though he tried to appeal, a judge has ordered now 27-year-old Rupert Grint to pay $1.3 million in taxes. Apparently, Rupert’s dad and his accountant got a little too creative with some dates on his income tax returns when he was earning that big Harry Potter money.

For whatever reason, Tom Hiddleston has decided to join Instagram. He posted a picture of himself dressed as his character Loki from the Thor movie he’s shooting now and captioned it, “He’s back!” In no time at all, he amassed over half a million followers, including Robert Downey Jr., who poked a little fun at Tom. Robert posted a picture of Tom wearing that “I (heart) T.S.” tank top he wore during his July 4th vacation with Taylor Swift and captioned it, “Join me in welcoming the biggest T. Stark fan of them all to Instagram! @twhiddleston.” No slap back from Tom yet. He’s too busy sifting through the vulgar messages from all the internet trolls, I’m sure.

He’s back!

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Ed Sheeran is being accused of ripping off another song. Ed Townsend’s family says “Thinking Out Loud” sounds an awfully lot like the song Ed co-wrote with Marvin Gaye called “Let’s Get It On.” Mr. Townsend passed away in 2003, but the family still thinks they deserve compensation….just like the late Marvin Gaye’s family received in their lawsuit against Robin Thicke and Pharrell.

A judge in Santa Monica has issued a bench warrant for Tyga after he failed to show up in court yesterday. But Tyga has a really great excuse — he’s celebrating his Kylie Jenner’s 19th birthday in the Turks and Caicos. Tyga was supposed to be in court to explain why he hasn’t paid a $480K judgment against him for rent he didn’t pay on a Malibu home he rented in 2011 and the damage he left behind.

Dwayne Johnson went on Instagram Monday to vent about some of his unprofessional male co-stars on “Fast 8,” calling them too “chicken s***” to stand up to him and calling them “candy a**es.” He didn’t name names, but sources on the set told TMZ  that Dwayne was calling out Vin Diesel. Apparently, things were so tense after Dwayne’s post that it was impossible for them to shoot scenes together, so the two of them had a meeting yesterday to try to work out their differences. They just have to get through one more week of filming.


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