Eddie Murphy tweeted “Coming to America sequel?”

SNL has announced the final four hosts… Tyra Banks returns to ANTM… Blac Chyna & Rob Kardashian’s custody battle… Donald Trump kicked One Direction out… and Eddie Murphy tweeted “Coming to America sequel?”

If the people at “Saturday Night Live” would be totally honest, they would admit that they were THRILLED when Donald Trump was elected president. The show is enjoying its highest ratings in two decades. As they close out their 42nd season, SNL has announced the final four hosts. SNL alum Jimmy Fallon will host on April 15, followed by Chis Pine, who’s hosting for his first time on May 6. Melissa McCarthy takes over on May 13. And Dwayne Johnson wraps things up when he hosts on May 20. We’re still waiting to find out the final four musical guests this season. And to make things more exciting, NBC has decided to broadcast last four episodes live in all the time zones. SNL is on their own spring break right now. They’re back on April 8 with host Louis C.K. and The Chainsmokers.

Tyra Banks is one week into her hosting gig at America’s Got Talent, but that’s just not enough. She tweeted yesterday that she is yanking the rug out from under Rita Ora and returning to host America’s Next Top Model. Actually, Tyra tweeted, “I missed my ANTM baby so Mama’s back!” Tyra created the show back in 2003 and hosted 22 “cycles,” as they like to call them. But she stepped aside for Rita last year when the show moved from The CW to VH1. Tyra tried staying behind the scenes as an executive producer, but her ego wouldn’t have it. Or, as she spun it in her statement, “After giving it a lot of thought, I realized that remaining behind the camera wasn’t enough because ANTM is woven into my DNA.” The 24th cycle will begin filming this summer.

Blac Chyna probably figures all she has to do is show a judge Rob Kardashian’s social media posts and the judge will happily grant her sole custody of their 4-month-old daughter Dream. But Chyna hasn’t taken one thing into consideration: Kris Jenner. People magazine says that Rob wants joint custody of his baby girl, and Mama Bear Kris is going to do whatever she can to make that happen. And yes, this could get ugly. A source says it’s not just Kris who’s supporting Rob in this fight. His sisters are all behind him, too. But the source also says that while they love and support Rob, they never leave him completely alone with the baby. He’s just too fragile emotionally, and I’m sure they’re afraid that if he loses the joint custody battle that it might be too much for him to handle.

If your teenage daughter doesn’t care about wire tapping accusations and talks of walls, THIS might be what finally pushes her over the edge and gets her interested in the political process. It’s being reported that before he was president, Donald Trump kicked One Direction out of one of his hotels because they refused to meet his daughter!! And this news comes straight from Liam Payne’s mouth! He told Rollacoaster magazine — yes, it’s a thing — that Donald called their manager and said he’d like the boys to meet his daughter — we’re assuming it was Tiffany and not Ivanka — but the manager told him the guys were all asleep. Liam said Donald told the manager to wake them up, but the manager refused. Now, this was way before Donald ran for president so the manager thought this was just some rich guy was trying to look good in front of his kid. But after the manager said no, the Donald said the boys couldn’t use his underground garage to come and go anymore. And when the manager protested, Donald basically told them to get out of his hotel!

This number one story is strictly for Big Al. Eddie Murphy tweeted Wednesday night, “Coming to America sequel?” along with a picture of Vanessa Bell Calloway, who played Princess Imani Izzi, the woman who barked like a dog and hopped up and down on one leg when Prince Akeem was trying to see if she’d REALLY do whatever he asked her to do. Well! Not only was that tweet deleted, Eddie’s whole account was deleted! TMZ says first of all, Eddie doesn’t tweet. He has a social media team to do all that. But apparently, this tweet wasn’t supposed to happen yet so they all panicked and hit delete. But TMZ says Eddie IS writing the script and “Coming to America 2” IS going to happen!


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