A posthumous album… Blac Chyna update… Taylor Swift becomes the first… Becky G ditches engagement ring… and Emily Ratajkowski is reportedly “begging” for forgiveness

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After an artist dies, sometimes some of the music they recorded that didn’t make an album and was never meant to see the light of day is released in a money-making grab by the record label or the estate. But Dolly Parton recently said in an interview that she has basically warehouses of music she’s purposely not releasing until after she’s dead and gone. And it turns out, Ed Sheeran has the same idea. He’s working on a posthumous album that he will update throughout the rest of his life. He said, “I want to slowly make this album that is quote-unquote ‘perfect’ for the rest of my life, adding songs here and there, and just have it in my will that after I die, it comes out.” Meantime, his album “Subtract” comes out May 5th.

On her birthday last year, Blac Chyna was baptized. She went into the water as Blac Chyna and came up again as Angela White. Angela has been on her faith and healing journey ever since. As part of that, she deactivated her OnlyFans account, which she claims brought in $240M in 2021. She’s also had the fillers dissolved in her face, reduced the size of her breasts, bottom and even her fingernails. And now, Angela is in the process of having a few tattoos removed. In addition to the names of her exes, Tyga and Almighty Jay, she’s having the image of a goat-headed occult demon named Baphomet erased. Angela said, “When I first got the tattoo, that is not what it meant to me,” but now she says, “I’m not about to have no mark of the beast.”

Taylor Swift becomes the first living recording artist to have seven albums charting in the top 40 of the Billboard 200 at the same time. For the week of April 1st, Taylor’s most recent album “Midnights” is No. 3; “Lover” is No. 13; “folklore” is No. 14; “1989” is No. 19; “Red (Taylor’s Version)” is No. 22; “Reputation” is No. 26; and “evermore” is No. 31. Whitney Houston had 7 albums in the Top 40 as well, but that was following her death in 2012.

Back in December, Becky G and soccer player Sebastian Lletget shared their engagement on social media. Now Sebastian is using social media to apologize for cheating on her. Last week, someone on Instagram claimed they hooked up with Sebastian back in February. Translated from Spanish, @ja29poo said, “I will upload the videos of that night at the Shoko nightclub, where I was present with Sebastian Lletget, @iambeckyg’s boyfriend.” This person said she couldn’t post everything because it’s “very intimate” and includes one video of Sebastian in the nude. But for added proof, this person posted some of their alleged DMs and audio messages. Yesterday, in a loooong statement, Sebastian posted about how blessed he is and blah blah blah…and how he’s “struggled with personal trauma and acute anxiety” made worse by his “denial, pride and bad decisions.” Then he went to to explain: “Over the last several weeks, during a moment I regret deeply, a 10 minute lapse in judgment resulted in an extortion plot. Since this person did not get what they wanted it has now become a public social media spectacle filled with more lies than any truth and false posts aimed at the love of my life, the one person who I should never take for granted or put at risk. While this anonymous internet stalker – who I never met, unlike they claimed – had an ultimate goal that was not clear, for me it has been a wake-up call….” Blah blah blah…He said he’s half-heartedly done therapy before but now he’s committing himself “to a mental wellness program to work on the parts of me that deeply need healing…” He continued, “To Becky, you have been the light of my life, my strength, who has always shown me unconditional love. Instead of honoring that love every day, I have done the opposite, hurting you, and disrespecting the one person I love more than anything.” He said he’ll do whatever it takes to earn back her trust and love, and then he thanks his FC Dallas family, fans, friends and family for their love and support. Becky G hasn’t responded with her words, but with her actions. She showed up for the iHeartRadio Music Awards last night solo and she wasn’t wearing her engagement ring. By the way, she won Best Latin Pop/Reggeaton Song of the Year for “Mamiii.”

She’s having makeout remorse. A source told Page Six that Emily Ratajkowski is “begging” Olivia Wilde to forgive her for that sloppy video of her making out with Harry Styles on the street in Tokyo. It turns out Emily and Olivia are friends — although DeuxMoi suggests there may have been a little something more intimate going on involving Emily, Olivia AND Harry. Perhaps it happened in wild and crazy Paris, when Oliva and Emily were seated next to each other in the VIP section of Harry’s concert there. And then just two weeks before their makeout session, Emily and Olivia were hanging out at the Vanity Fair Oscars Party. But a source told Page Six that, basically, Emily can save her breath. Olivia is “focused on her kids and her work. She wants nothing to do with this mess.”


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