TikTok has been good for the Heichel sisters… New ‘Scream’ movie is happening… The internet is after Justin Timberlake… Peter Weber & Madison Prewett have split… and Everything is cancelled

The Heichel Sisters originally got their start on Vine, which led to them landing a spot on Nickelodeon’s “America’s Most Musical Family.” Out of 30 families, the Heichel Sisters made it to the Top 12. Then 19-year-old Madi, 17-year-old Ana, and 13-year-old Bella made the move to TikTok where they got the hype — as I’m told it’s called. They’ve gotten over 30M views, covering everyone from Rihanna to Fetty Wap. And now…The Blast has found out The Heichel Sisters just landed their first record deal.

The original “Scream” debuted way back in 1996. Drew Barrymore got killed off in the first five minutes and then it was ON. Neve Campbell starred as Sidney Prescott, who became the target of the Ghostface killer. Courteney Cox and David Arquette fell in love doing this movie and ended up getting married. They all went on to star in 3 more “Scream” sequels, in 1997, 2000 and 2011. Combined, the four movies earned $608M — I’m surprised it was that low! But Variety is reporting that Spyglass Media Group Is developing a reboot of the franchise.

Justin Timberlake is being accused of cultural appropriation. He was a guest on Ellen and called SZA “sis” several times. The internet wasn’t having it, especially because of the WAY he was saying it. Among the comments on Twitter:

“JT is the definition of white people changing their dialect around black people. call it mental illness.”

“We clearly didn’t whoop Justin Timberlake’s a** hard enough for what he did to Janet because look at the way he was talking in that interview with SZA. I cringed soooo hard. Still trying to fit in in this 2020.”

Well, Peter….love ISN’T enough. Peter Weber and Madison Prewett lasted almost 2 whole days. Peter announced on his Instagram this morning that he and Madi “mutually decided” not to pursue their relationship any further. She also posted on her Instagram that she’s always going to love and respect Peter, and she’s convinced their paths were meant to cross and they’re both better for it. Meantime, there are rumors that Peter has been running around with Kelley Flanagan. While he was still engaged to Hannah Ann, Peter and Kelley were rumored to have hooked up over Super Bowl weekend. As far as those rumors, Kelley told E! News that she and Peter aren’t together at the moment.

Everything is canceled.

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