Netflix has an original movie every week in 2021… Dustin Diamond hospitalized… The life of Billie Eilish in upcoming photo book… Aaron Rodgers guest hosting on Jeopardy… and Fans didn’t think Matt James’ prayer was the best move

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“The Loud House” is a big hit for Nickelodon. Season 5 returns with new episodes on Jan. 22, and it’s been renewed for Season Six. And it was just announced yesterday that “The Loud House Movie” will hit Netflix later this year. In the movie, the Loud family will go on vacation to Scotland where they find out they’re descendants of Scottish royalty. And another Nickelodeon series will get a Netflix movie this year — “Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.”

Dustin Diamond, who will forever be labeled as Screech from “Saved by the Bell,” was hospitalized in Florida over the weekend after feeling pain all over his body. Doctors are running tests but sources say Dustin does have a family history of cancer. Dustin has burned all the bridges with his former cast members, writing a tell-all book and having several run-ins with the law. He wasn’t asked to come back for the show’s reboot on Peacock. In the first episode, Mario Lopez as A.C. Slater explained that Screech is now an astronaut living on the Internationals Space Station.

Billie Eilish has done a lot in her 19 years. And now she’s announced she has a new photo book coming out in May, as well as an audiobook to go with it. She posted on Instagram yesterday, ““i made a photo book of my life from childhood up until now and recorded an audiobook companion with stories to go with some of the photos. out 5/11, you can pre-order it now 🤗.” The book will include hundreds of never-before-seen photos from her childhood to her life on tour. And the audiobook will include never-told-before stories from her personal life and career. You can pre-order Billie Eilish‘s new book at!

A new permanent host for “Jeopardy!” won’t be announced until the spring. In the meantime, guest hosts will be rolling through, many of them hoping they’re picked for the permanent gig. Yesterday, Packers QB Aaron Rodgers announced he’ll be guest-hosting a few shows pretty soon! Aaron said when he was growing up, he idolized Alex Trebek. In fact, back in 2015 Aaron was a contestant on a celebrity edition of “Jeopardy!” and won. But is he hosting for fun, or is he thinking this is his next move after football?

ABC exec Robert Mills was a guest on Nick Viall’s podcast and Robert said Queen Victoria isn’t putting on an act or being encouraged to act the way she does by any of the show’s producers. Robert said, “I think that the question is … why is she that way? There’s always a story for how somebody became that way. … I don’t know that you’ll learn more now on ‘The Bachelor,’ but I’m very curious about it, so maybe it’s something we’ll have Chris [Harrison] ask about or on Paradise.” Aha! THAT’s her motivation right there. Robert said ABC is “hell-bent” on making “Bachelor in Paradise” happen and they may have to do a “super-sized” season due to all the contestants they’ll have to choose from. But if you thought Victoria was the most controversial part of Matt James’ season, you’d be wrong. Apparently, Matt’s prayer before the very first cocktail party stirred up lots of feelings on social media. Some found Matt’s prayer to be divisive, insensitive and even arrogant! Robert said he didn’t expect the prayer “to be such a hot-button of interest,” but that he actually understands some of it. But former Bachelor Nick added, “It’s just a prayer. It’s not going to burn you.” Nick said that if his faith is such a big part of Matt’s life, it made sense for him to pray. And if some women in the group were uncomfortable with — which no one seemed to be — they could discuss that with Matt. Matt said in a previous interview that he’d rather women know that his faith is a big part of his life so he doesn’t waste their time. But he also told Refinery 29, “Just because I don’t share the same religious view as somebody doesn’t mean I see them as any less of a person I could be compatible with.”

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