“Fifty Shades of Grey” big box office weekend

Amber Rose’s chatty interview… Did Justin Bieber make Selena Gomez jealous?… Bruce Jenner update… Bobbi Kristina Brown’s situation is grim… and “Fifty Shades of Grey” big box office weekend

During a recent interview, Amber Rose was feeling awfully chatty. When her ex boyfriend Kanye West was brought up, of course Kim Kardashian came up. Amber went on and on about how beautiful she is, but said Kim’s completely fake in her selfies. As far as 17-year-old Kylie Jenner dating 25-year-old Tyga, Amber said, “She’s a baby! She needs to go to bed! It’s 7 o’clock!…He should be ashamed of himself.” FYI, Amber is good friends with Tyga’s baby mama, Blac Chyna — the woman he left for Kylie.

Selena Gomez wants everybody to know she’s madly in love with this Zedd person — especially Justin Bieber. So Justin is retaliating. First, he started this massive “I’m a good person” and “I apologize for my bad behavior” tour. That didn’t work, so now he’s trying to use Selena’s jealousy against her. Justin was photographed holding hands with Naomi Campbell backstage at the “Fashion for Relief” show in NYC.

Bruce Jenner reportedly told his family that he’s known he was a female since the age of five. Several family sources told TMZ that even at the ’76 Olympics — when he was considered the greatest male athlete in the world — inside his head, he felt like a woman. These sources say Bruce never acted or dressed as a female in front of his children. Apparently, that was all done in private. And as far as Bruce revealing his new female name to Diane Sawyer, TMZ is reporting that this is not true. Maybe he’s saving that for his own reality show revelation.

Many sources say that Bobbi Kristina Brown’s situation is grim. Her organs reportedly have begun to shut down, and not even life support machines can keep her breathing for much longer. Her father Bobby Brown, reportedly is starting to accept this and is ready to give permission to turn off the machines on Friday.

“Fifty Shades of Grey” dominated the box office this weekend, earning an estimated $81.7 million. That number should fluctuate up a bit. The movie’s $30 million Friday opening is the biggest for any movie released in February. (It beat out “The Passion of the Christ” with its $26.6 million.) The movie had a $158 million foreign debut, opening in first place in 55 markets. That’s the best ever international opening for an R-rated movie. Prior to that, the record was held by 2003’s “The Matrix Revolutions” at $117 million. All massive numbers for a movie that only cost $40 million to make. By the way, Dakota Johnson is hosting SNL on Feb. 28.


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