Jodie Sweetin’s security… Update on Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor’s split… Kris Jenner back together with Corey Gamble… The “Late Late Show” in London… and The first day of Bill Cosby’s trial

“Fuller House” star Jodie Sweetin now has ‘round-the-clock security after her abusive former fiancé. Justin Hodak had been serving time for making threats against Jodie’s life and for the illegal possession of a gun, but he just got out. Jodie was able to get a restraining order against Justin before he went to prison, but she’s terrified that it won’t keep him away from her. So Warner Bros studio — which produces “Fuller House” — is reportedly paying for a private security team to protect Jodie and her family. says Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor’s marriage fell apart because of another woman….but she’s not his mistress. She’s a young actress that Ben’s been mentoring. Apparently, Ben has become a bit obsessed with his protege. Christine called him out on having a “mid-life infatuation” with this woman and told him to stop calling her, but she would catch him sneaking phone calls to her in the middle of the night.

Kris Jenner broke up with Corey Gamble for a couple months but they have already gotten back together. A source says things are a little different for Corey this time around, though. According to this source, Corey’s been put on a flat $30,000-per-month stipend, with bonuses for each appearance he makes on “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.” Plus, he gets a little extra in his paycheck when ever he and Kris are photographed out on a date.

James Cordon has taken his “Late Late Show” to London for the week. But he says recent terror attacks in his hometown have caused him to re-think what they’re going to do on some of the shows. James told Entertainment Tonight that even though they had already filmed it, they decided to scratch the opening sketch because of its comedic tone. But with hours before the opening show tonight, James said they still weren’t sure what they’re going to do, instead. James already filmed a bit with Tom Cruise on the River Thames, but that’s staying in. James told ET that he’s in love with Tom. He said, “When I’m with him, I don’t know whether to shake his hand or lick his face.”

Keshia Knight Pulliam showed up arm-in-arm with Bill Cosby for the first day of his trial yesterday. His wife, Camille, was a no-show. During testimony, one woman testified about an incident with Bill at his bungalow at the Bel Air Hotel back in 1996. She worked at the William Morris Talent Agency, which repped Bill. She said when she got to the bungalow, Bill gave her a large white pill and told her to trust him. She said her plan was to pretend to swallow it and then go spit it out in the bathroom, but Bill made her open her mouth to prove she’d swallowed it and then badgered her into doing it. She says she passed out, and when she came to, Bill was molesting her. She testified that she was later fired from her job at William Morris after Bill complained about her work performance. After the first day of testimony, Keshia spoke to reporters outside. She said, “I came to support because this is where you hear the facts. This is where the truth happens. Ultimately, it’s easy to support someone and to be in their corner when things are great. But true family, friendship, integrity is how people show up and support when things aren’t looking so great, when they aren’t shining.” Keshia also said she will accept whatever verdict the jury hands down. Bill later went on Twitter to post a picture of him and Keshia and thank her for her support.


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