Future’s Bodyguard Knocked Out

Weekend box office news… Halsey’s knee tattoo… Jake Paul is married… ASAP Rocky fan was arrested… and Future’s bodyguard gets knocked out

Quentin Tarantino had the best opening of his career, and maybe if it opened on a different weekend, it would’ve been number one. But “Lion King” still reigns at the box office, taking in $75.5 million in its second weekend. “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” was second with $40 million. “Spider-Man: Far From Home” placed third with $12.2 million.

Halsey went on Instagram to show off her brand new tattoo, completely covering her kneecap. It’s two band-aids criss-crossed with little broken hearts on them and the words “POOR THING.” Halsey captioned it, “crispie freshie.” She also tweeted about it, “Got my whole kneecap tattooed, so now I’m officially not afraid of anything.”

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After three months of dating, YouTube stars Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau are officially married. Is it real love or a publicity stunt? Jake’s brother Logan is leaning toward publicity stunt and told Page Six he thinks the marriage will last a month, maybe a month and a half. The wedding ceremony was held at the Graffiti Mansion in Vegas. Tana showed up wearing a traditional, form-fitting white dress with a lace floor-length veil, but she changed into another dress with a big ruffly pink and white gown train for the ceremony, which fans were streaming at $50 a pop. As soon as Jake’s best friend pronounced them husband and wife, somebody threw a glass of champagne with them, which led to fist flying. An MTV camera crew was seen chasing the guy who threw it out of the venue. Again we have to ask, was that real or another publicity stunt? After heading over to the Sugar Factory for a reception, which had Jake decimating their wedding cake with a sword. The owner shut the party down 30 minutes early because, as Jake announced, “Low key, he’s being a b****.” Sources told Page Six that Jake and Tana were seen leaving their reception in opposite directions.

One of A$AP Rocky’s angrier fans has been arrested after making two trips to the Swedish Embassy in Washington, DC, and threatening to blow the place up. Rebecca Kanter reportedly showed up outside the House of Sweden last Monday, set down her bag, and threw some liquid from a bottle at the doorway and yelled, “I’m going to blow this (BLANKETY-BLANKER) up!” She took off before anybody could grab her, but the Secret Service shared her photo with law enforcement, asking everyone to be on the lookout for her. The next day, Rebecca showed up again, cleared security at the embassy, and once she got inside, started cussing and screaming at everyone, knocking things over, and repeated her threats to blow the place up. This time, she was arrested.

The man who knocked out Future’s bodyguard at the airport in Ibiza will not face any charges because nobody is pressing any charges. TMZ spoke with a rep from the country’s law enforcement agency the Civil Guard of Spain, and they said until someone comes forward to press charges, there will be no investigation. The only exceptions to this are if the attack had occurred against a minor or a woman, or if the attack resulted in death. But sources close to the bodyguard told TMZ that he has no intention of pressing charges, so it looks like the guys will just continue to brag about what they did to whomever will listen.

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