Showbiz Top 5: George Clooney went after Eva Longoria before his dating contract expired

Harry Style’s obsession with Carrie Bradshaw and the girls…George Clooney’s eye for Eva…Kayne West clothing collection project in the works…Justin Bieber gets into trouble again out front of hot night clubs! Kellie Rasberry has the scoop in today’s Showbiz Top 5.

More evidence that Harry Styles really digs the cougar! Harry has become obsessed with “Sex and the City.” He’d never seen the show before, but he said some women who work with One Direction have “SATC” marathons all the time. Harry checked out an episode one day and was hooked. He says he’s already finished the first season and is on to season two.

It’s July 19 — the Royal Baby’s due date!! So far, no sign that the little Prince or Princess is ready to make a debut, but the hospital staff is on standby. In fact, a source told the Daily Mail that certain members of the hospital staff have been told they can’t drink from this day forward. They all need to be stone cold sober when they get the call that Kate Middleton has gone into labor.

A source told “Us Weekly” that back in March, George Clooney ran into Eva Longoria and, while the two of them had been friendly for years, this time, they really hit it off. After that night, George starting pursuing Eva, but the problem with that was, he still had a few more months to go before his two-year dating contract expired with Stacy Keibler. Eva told him that she wouldn’t go out with him until he was completely single. But Eva didn’t sit around waiting for that day to come. And now that George is single and ready to mingle, she’s dating Ernesto Arguello, who was on that reality dating show “Ready for Love” that Eva produced.

After spending a week in Milan to work on his clothing line, Kanye West is back in LA to spend time with Kim Kardashian and their baby, North. Kanye’s past two collections for women haven’t exactly taken the world by storm. So now he’s working on a unisex collection of about a hundred pieces According to Page Six, Kanye is being advised by a team of top designers from successful brands, like Diesel. He’ll debut the collection this fall. So! What about those wedding plans? RadarOnline says that’s not happening any time soon. A source says Kanye loves Kim, but he’s not sure about marrying into her family, so he’s using his upcoming world tour as an excuse to postpone a wedding.

 Is Justin Bieber serious about winning Selena Gomez back or not, because he’s certainly not acting like it. After they were photographed getting snuggly at a Fourth of July party, Justin went back out on the road. During a stop in Indianapolis, Justin’s tour bus was parked outside a nightclub and he reportedly sent his buddies inside to pick up some hot girls and bring them back on the bus. And then, Justin and his entourage were partying with some models at 1Oak in NYC. At 3am, Justin took two of the lovely ladies back to his hotel room….allegedly.

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