Gisele Bündchen Bought a House Before the Split

Macy’s Parade is around the corner… A grave site for Dobby… Drake collab with 21 Savage… Selena Gomez documentary… and Gisele Bündchen bought a house before the split

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If watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is part of your holiday tradition, here’s what you have to look forward to this Nov. 24. The 96th annual parade will feature 16 giant balloons. New balloons joining the parade this year are Stuart the one-eyed Minion from “Despicable Me 2,” a new green dinosaur called an Apatosaurus, Bluey from the animated kids’ series, and a new “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” balloon. There are also 28 floats featuring lots of singers like Jordin Sparks, Fitz and the Tantrums, Big Time Rush, Gloria Estefan, Kirk Franklin, Ziggy Marley Joss Stone, Betty Who, and — making her parade debut — Paula Abdul. Jimmy Fallon and The Roots will be on a float celebrating Central Park and the Radio City Rockettes will high-kick their way down the parade route. The controversial Lea Michele will perform with the Broadway cast of “Funny Girl.” Plus, you’ll see 12 marching bands, 700 clowns and the big guy bringing up the rear, Santa Claus.

I don’t know of a single Harry Potter fan who doesn’t love Dobby the Elf. I get a little tear in my eye thinking about them. A ton of his fans like to visit Freshwater West Beach in Wales where Dobby was laid to rest in “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1.” This has become an environmental problem and local officials are debating shutting the gravesite down unless some changes are made. Just to refresh your memory, in “Harry Potter” an elf can be freed from servitude if they’re given an article of clothing, and Dobby was freed by a sock. As a tribute to Dobby, fans are leaving socks at his gravesite. Lots and lots of socks. It’s not just an eyesore, it’s not great for the environment. Unless visitors stop this sock nonsense, they’re going to shut it down.

Drake and 21 Savage put up a joint Instagram post yesterday, captioning it, “Absolutely NO filter with the incomparable @sternshow. Thanks for having us.” In the interview, Drake talks about how he dates four or five women at a time and watches porn every single day, but only films featuring the “highest tier” of performers. He said, “Those are the real superstars of the world to me.” As far as his thoughts on marriage, Drake said he does see himself getting married someday. He said, “I think that, eventually, once all this is said and done for us and that addiction of work and success and forward movement is over, I feel like we’re all going to need something real. Hopefully it’s not too late.” He added, “I don’t know how to find that with the porn question in there.” Well, here’s the thing. Drake was trolling us. This was all a hoax. Drake was answering questions Howard asked one of his guests back in April. In addition to the fake interview, Drake and 21 Savage also posted a fake “Vogue” cover and a Tiny Desk performance, all to promote their upcoming joint album “Her Loss,” which comes out tomorrow.

A few weeks ago, Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber shut down all the haters by taking a few pictures together at a fancy gala in LA. While promoting her new Apple+ documentary “My Mind & Me,” which is out tomorrow, an interviewer asked Selena, “What was the story behind (those photos)? I thought it was powerful of you guys to publicly be like, ‘We’re moving on.’” Selena said, “Thank you. Yeah, it’s not a big deal. It’s not even a thing.” In other words, Selena said, “Keep it moving!” Selena talked about parts of her documentary she’s excited for people to see, as well as the parts she’s nervous to show. What makes her nervous? She said, “I feel like artists will understand my pain with the promo part. I want a big change there. It’s very simple, but I will say I want change there. I do think people in our position deserve actual questions.” (Did the interviewer take that personally?) What is Selena excited to show us in her documentary? She said, “Talking about my mom was really wonderful, because she deserves every bit of light that shines on her.” Selena said her mom grew up never feeling good or worthy enough, and there’s a moment in the documentary when she finally realizes that she is.

Page Six got some of the details of Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen’s ironclad prenup, which they signed before they got married back in 2009. Their source said, “They both have their own separate business entities, so the separation of their wealth wasn’t that complicated in the end. The only other major factor was dividing up their $26M property portfolio.” The source believes Tom will keep the $17M mansion currently under construction on Indian Creek Island in Miami, which is nicknamed “Billionaire’s Bunker.” Tom and Gisele bought the property two years ago and tore the mansion on it down to build this thing. Ahead of their divorce, Gisele quietly bought a 3BR/3BA home in Miami Beach for $1.25M. The source said she’ll most likely use this as an office and that she also bought a larger home in the same area. Gisele will keep their vacation home in Costa Rica. We’re not sure how the rest of their property portfolio will be divided, but it includes a home in the Bahamas, a home at the exclusive Yellowstone Club in Montana, and an apartment in NYC, which is where Gisele stayed right after she split. According to this article, Tom has an estimated net worth of up to $333 million, while Gisele is reported to have a $400M fortune.


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