‘Grey’s Anatomy’ kills off major character

Netflix is retiring a lot of titles… Adam Sandler has upset a group of Native Americans… Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban renewed their marriage vows… 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather hang out in Vegas… and ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ kills off major character

If you subscribe to Netflix, you better cram in some viewing time in the next week because at the end of April, a lot of titles are being retired. Among them are  “Airplane!” and “Airplane II: The Sequel” and “Friday the 13th: Part 7.”

A group of Native American actors walked off the set of Adam Sandler’s made-for-Netflix movie “The Ridiculous Six” because they said the script is too racist. Netflix is defending the movie, saying it’s a spoof! And it’s supposed to be ridiculous and “ridiculous” is right there in the title!

According to Naughty Gossip, in an effort to save their marriage, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have renewed their marriage vows. Reportedly, they’d been arguing over everything from conflicting work schedules to mother-in-law problems, but sources say they seem to be doing better since the vow renewal ceremony.

50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather have buried the hatchet. For months, they trashed each other, with 50 calling Floyd dumb and Floyd calling 50 irrelevant. But last night, 50 posted on Instagram a picture of the two of them hanging out in Vegas.

SPOILER ALERT!!! On last night’s “Grey’s Anatomy,” Shonda Rhimes killed off Dr. McDreamy and Twitter reaction was fast and furious. One posted,  “To every @onedirection fan I made fun of for crying like an idiot when #Zayn left, I’m sorry. I get it now. #GreysAnatomy”


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