Lil’ Kim had a baby girl… “The Bachelorette” update… Michael Jackson’s children’s allowance… Jennifer Lopez changes her mind… and Halle Berry ordered to pay child support

Her mama named her Kimberly Denise Jones but we call her Lil’ Kim. And she gave birth to her baby girl yesterday morning in New Jersey. Mr. Papers is taking credit for being the baby daddy. They named their little 6 lbs., 5 oz. bundle of joy Royal Reign. Celebrities including Missy Elliott and Miley Cyrus tweeted their congratulations.

ABC LIED to us, telling us last week that “The Bachelorette” would be back in two weeks. But no, Andi was all over the TV last night. They showed highlights from the previous weeks and that rose ceremony they decided to nix last week because it was disrespectful to the memory of Eric Hill, who left when Andi went crazy nuts on him and he ended up dying tragically in a paragliding accident. But I guess they decided a week of respect was quite enough because if you were watching, you finally got to see Tasos the wedding planner get the boot. She felt so bad, she walked him outside, where Tasos told her, “I owe some of the best days of my life to you!” And then he rode off in the limo, literally bawling about how this has been the best part of his life so far. Snap out of it, Tasos!!

As Michael Jackson’s estate continues to grow in value, so does the yearly allowance for his three children. According to Page Six, 17-year-old Prince, 16-year-old Paris and 12-year-old Blanket share a yearly allowance that has grown from $5 million to $8 million. And these kids like to spend it on their friends. Reportedly, Prince has spent more than $50K on custom-made jewelry for three of his girlfriends, plus $40K on a new Ford pickup. He’s also saving some of his money because he wants to buy back Neverland Ranch, which is currently owned by creditors. The asking price is $35 million. Paris likes to buy lots of gifts for her friends, like shoes and sport gear. And Blanket likes to take his cousins to movies and dinners at expensive restaurants. Reportedly, their nights out typically come to about $500, plus the tips. He also spends $200 an hour for karate lessons and a personal trainer. The kids also take three vacations a year, which totals about $350K. They each fly first-class to Hawaii where they stay in a $5500-per-night suites. If they decide they’d rather go to Vegas, they sometimes rent the penthouse suite at the Ballagio, which is about $5K a night.

It’s a woman’s right to change her mind, and that’s exactly what Jennifer Lopez did! After pulling out of the World Cup opening ceremony, is reporting that she’s back in. JLo’s rep had released a statement saying she couldn’t perform because of “production issues,” but a source say it all boiled down to money. The source said, “JLo was in a back and forth with the World Cup about expenses. She had wanted them to cover everything for her, from private transportation to her hotel and the costs associated for her entire entourage.” Hey! And now her entourage is down one, so what’s the big deal?! But when the committee said no, she bailed. But with her new album dropping next week, her record label told Jennifer that it would be in her best interest to get out there and sing when the entire world will be watching.

Halle Berry’s blood will reach its boiling point once a month for the next 13 years when she has to write that big fat check to her baby daddy! LA Superior Court Judge Scott Gordon, aka “my hero,” ordered Halle to pay Gabriel Aubry $16K/month in child support, which comes to about $200K a year. That’ll remain in effect until 6-year-old Nahla reaches 19 or graduates high school, whichever comes first. Halle will also pay Gabriel back child support in the amount of $115K plus $300K in attorney’s fees. And Halle will foot the bill for Nahla’s private school education, which is estimated to be about $30K a year. They share equal custody of Nahla.


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