Showbiz Top 5: Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner went to therapy?

Garth Brooks is going on a world tour… Lamar Odom pleads no contest… Kerry Washington’s pregnancy has cut Scandal by four episodes… Barron Hilton has lawyered up and is meeting with plastic surgeons… and Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner went to therapy?

He didn’t mean to, but Garth Brooks announced yesterday that he is going on a world tour next year. He was on “Good Morning America” being interviewed by Robin Roberts and he was just so overcome by her Robin-ness that he couldn’t help himself! Garth said, “You know what, since it’s you and since we’ve had a history forever, let’s announce it!” And after he spilled the beans, Garth said, “I can’t believe I just did that but you are a doll.”

A couple months ago, Lamar Odom pleaded not guilty to a DUI arrest, but yesterday he changed that plea to no contest. In exchange for his change of plea, Lamar gets 3 years probation and he has to take a 3-month alcohol education class. When Lamar was pulled over, he refused to submit to chemical testing. Because of that, his license was revoked for one year.  Lamar has also agreed to undergo random drug testing because he’s hoping to play for the Clippers.

I’m sure Kerry Washington’s fans are thrilled that she’s expecting her first baby and all that, but they are reeling from the fact that her pregnancy is going to deny them four episodes of their beloved “Scandal”!!! ABC says they have to shorten the current season from 22 to 18 episodes because it’s just getting too difficult to hide her baby bump. Kerry is due to deliver this spring.

After getting his butt handed to him on a platter in Miami, Barron Hilton is now back in LA, where he’s lawyered up and meeting with plastic surgeons to fix the damage done to his face. Barron accuses the blogger named Ray LeMoine for beating him up while Lindsay Lohan egged him on. Page Six is reporting that Robert Shapiro will represent Barron, who is exploring all of their legal options. Barron and Lindsay reportedly were both guests at this all-night party on Star Island. Barron claims Lindsay ordered Ray to beat him up after she overheard him talking smack about her. Ray claims he and his buddies had rented this house in South Beach and woke up to find all these randoms had been partying and doing Molly all night. So he proceeded to kick them out and Barron got all smart-mouthed and threw the first punch. And now we’re learning that after that nonsense, Barron kicked Lindsay out, too!

So Kendall Jenner was backstage at “Saturday Night Live” while Harry Styles did his One Direction thing. Afterwards, the two of them skipped the after-party, so……where did they go? “Us Weekly” says Harry took Kendall to Therapy — a popular gay bar in Hell’s Kitchen. Their source says Harry has been to Therapy a few times before and is treated like a regular customer when he comes in. Apparently, when Harry took Kendall on Saturday night, it was “Gays Gone Wild” theme night. But when the DJ played “What Makes You Beautiful,” that was Harry’s cue to grab Kendall by the hand and make their grand exit.


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