Showbiz Top 5: Harry Styles takes Kendall Jenner out on a date!

Aaron Carter filed for bankruptcy… Amanda Bynes is due in court… Will Smith is mentoring Justin Bieber… The real reason Chris Brown left rehab early… and Harry Styles takes Kendall Jenner out on a date!

TMZ is reporting that Aaron Carter has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection, which means his creditors get NOTHING. Aaron’s listed his total assets at $8232.16, while his liabilities are over $2.2 million! On top of that, he owes over $1.3 million to the IRS! Aaron is currently living with a family member — TMZ doesn’t say which one, but I guarantee you it ain’t Nick!

I guess this is a good thing? A judge has decided that Amanda Bynes is now well enough psychologically to stand trial for a DUI arrest back in April 2012. Amanda was originally supposed to be in court back in September, but she was placed on a 5150 hold in July after she set a fire in a stranger’s driveway. TMZ reported earlier this month that Amanda should complete her treatment and be home in time for Christmas. She’s due in court for a progress report on January 14.

While Will Smith is busy making nice with his wife after that photo booth scandal with his 23-year-old co-star in “Focus,” he still has time to serve as a mentor to Justin Bieber. Justin told the “Hollywood Reporter” that he gets on the phone with Will every week for counseling sessions and to talk about “any potential issues, emotional or otherwise.” Justin says he also gets advice from Mark Wahlberg and freaking OPRAH. But he says his manager Scooter Braun, his mom, and Pastor Judah Smith — who sends Justin Bible passages every day — are the key figures in his everyday life. But besides all that, what does Justin think about all the bad press he’s been getting lately? Justin says he doesn’t give a (BLANK). I wonder what scripture inspired that……

The AP reported that the real reason Chris Brown left anger rehab early wasn’t because he needed to get started on his makeup community service hours. Apparently, he was kicked out after two weeks for throwing a rock through his mom’s car window! According to TMZ, Chris’ mom showed up for a family session and was encouraging him to stay in rehab for the extended treatment. Chris “violently” disagreed and flew into a rage, ultimately throwing a rock through her car window. Now a judge has just sent Chris back to rehab for a 90-days of in-patient anger therapy. And he is required by the courts to take his prescribed medications.

This is the most thrilling, exhilarating, shocking, upsetting, infuriating news I’ve heard in a while. Harry Styles took Kendall Jenner out to dinner!!!! It’s TRUE! There are pictures to prove it! The two of them had dinner at Craig’s in West Hollywood last night and then drove off together. Where did they go???? I don’t know. But do you know what Kendall did later that same night?? She followed Harry on Instagram!!! It’s so awesomely awful that MailOnline has already nicknamed them “Kenry.” That’s the worst celebrity couple nickname EVER!

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