Jake Paul is being suing… Bella Hadid just turned 21… Has Prince Harry already proposed to Meghan Markle?… Kylie Jenner is panicking because her lips… and Harvey Weinstein heading to sex addiction rehab

My daughter informed me that everybody in her school is crazy about this YouTube star Jake Paul and then proceeded to show me his music video with Why Don’t We called “Help Me Help You.” Well, I hate to break my daughter’s heart, but not EVERYBODY is crazy about Jake Paul. So, Jake and his buddies decided to prank people by blaring this super loud horn and capturing their reactions on video. But one man they blasted as he was walking out of a store in West Hollywood says the horn was so loud, it damaged his hearing. And to add insult to injury, they Jake posted the video on YouTube. Now the man is suing for injury and emotional distress.

Bella Hadid just turned 21 and her “close friend” Drake threw her a party in NYC Monday night and paid for the entire thing. Sounds like they’re more than just “close friends” to me! Among the 30 or so guests celebrating Bella’s legal drinking status were Travis Scott, Scooter Braun and Dutch DJ Martin Garrix.

Sources told Us Weekly that Prince Harry has already proposed to Meghan Markle, but they’ve only told their parents and closest friends at this point. They want to enjoy a few more moments of private bliss before they make the official announcement and the media frenzy begins. But look for that announcement soon!

Kylie Jenner is finding out that being pregnant gets in the way of stuff she really wants to do…..like getting her lips all puffy. RadarOnline.com says Kylie’s plastic surgeon is refusing to fill her lips until after the baby is born, and now she’s panicking because her lips are started to deflate back to their normal size.

Harvey Weinstein’s lecherous ways have pretty much cost him everything. He was fired from his own production company and now his wife Georgina Chapman has left him and she’s taken the kids with her. So Harvey’s decided to pack up and head to a treatment facility in Europe. More and more women are coming forward with their Harvey horror stories, and some men are speaking out about how they, too, have been victims of sexual harassment in Hollywood. Terry Crews says he and his wife were at a function last year when a “high level” executive groped him — right in front of his wife! He says he didn’t do anything because he was afraid of how it would look and also that it would cause him to be ostracized. So he says he can understand why so many women decide to let things go….until now! He says, “Hopefully, me coming forward with my story will deter a predator and encourage someone who feels hopeless.”


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