Tom Cruise returns Golden Globes… Prince Harry & Oprah’s docuseries… “Grey’s Anatomy” has been renewed… Miley Cyrus has made history… and Is Bennifer back on?

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It started a few months ago when the LA Times exposed that there were zero Black members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Over the weekend, Scarlett Johansson released a statement saying she’s refused to participate in any of the HFPA’s conferences for the past several years because it “has often meant facing sexist questions and remarks by certain HFPA members that bordered on sexual harassment.” Then moments after NBC announced they would not air the Golden Globes next year, although they’re open to revisiting the idea in 2023 if they can get their act together, Tom Cruise returned all three of his Golden Globes to the HFPA’s offices. Ava DuVernay tweeted, “That time that Tom Cruise sent his golden globes for ‘Jerry Maguire,’ ‘Magnolia’ and ‘Born on the Fourth of July’ in an actual box to the reception desk of HFPA to stand against their sexist, homophobic, racist practices of exclusion, harassment and bias.”

Prince Harry and Oprah Winfrey co-created, executive-produced a documentary series called “The Me You Can’t See,” which will premiere May 21 on Apple TV+. According to the press release, Oprah and Harry will be guiding “ honest discussions about mental health and emotional well-being while opening up about their mental health journeys and struggles.” Lady Gaga and Glenn Close area month the celebrities taking part in the series.

“Grey’s Anatomy” is the longest running medical drama of all time, and NBC has just reached a deal to bring the show back for its 18th season. They also had to reach a deal with Ellen Pompeo. We don’t have the details, but we do know that Ellen was already making around $20M a year, plus raking in $6M – $7M in syndication. This is only a one-year deal so now we’re left to wonder if Season 18 will be the last.

Miley Cyrus is on The Kid LAROI’s “Without You” remix, which just entered the Billboard Hot 100 at No. 10. That gives Miley her tenth top 10 song, making her the youngest female artist to have her top tens span across three decades – the 2000s, 2010s and 2020s! Miley posted on Instagram, “MOOD!…a milestone in my musical career! Even more special because I am now 1 of just 5 female artists (& the youngest) to have these songs span over 3 decades! I am always honored to wake to these accomplishments that have WAY more to do with YOU (the fans) than myself! I make music for the love of it and knowing that it is received and resonating with yall is what it’s all about! Thank you for everything everyone!

Are we experiencing Bennifer 2.0 for real??? Apparently, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck spent almost a week together in Montana, where Ben has a place. Sources told Page Six they even attended a party together. The Daily Mail got pictures of them heading to the airport in Montana on Sunday. Ben was driving. She was in the passenger seat. They flew in a private jet back to LA and when they landed, Jennifer held Ben’s hand as she led him to an SUV. Sources had previously insisted that the two of them were just friends, but now they’re thinking this is developing into something more.

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