Is Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert’s marriage is in trouble?

“Dancing With the Stars” update… Chris Brown‘s bodyguard found guilty… Jay Z and Beyonce not going to Kimye wedding… Jay Z’s master recordings storage fee… and Is Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert’s marriage is in trouble?

SPOILER ALERT:  The theme of last night’s “Dancing With the Stars” was party anthems, complete with guest judge Redfoo from LMFAO. But at the end of the night, Candace Cameron Bure and Drew Carey didn’t feel much like party rocking….They were in the bottom two. But it was Drew who got the boot.

Chris Brown‘s bodyguard, Christopher Hollosy, has been found guilty of assaulting that photo bomber who jumped in a picture with Chris outside a Washington, DC, hotel back in October. The judge said Hollosy “was not justified” in punching the guy.  Chris is also charged with misdemeanor assault in the incident. His trial was delayed until tomorrow after Hollosy decided not to testify to avoid self-incrimination in his pending trial. Attorneys for both sides now have to decide whether Chris’ trial can go on before Hollosy exhausts his appeals. He’s scheduled to be sentenced on June 25.

Jay Z and Beyonce were definitely invited to the Kimye wedding in France next month, but they have RSVP’d “non merci.” But Jay Z and Beyonce realize they still have to be polite and send a wedding present. A source told “The Sun” that they’re renting Kim and Kanye a yacht for their honeymoon, which will set them back about $200K. Jay reportedly will also throw Kanye a bachelor party at his 40/40 club in NYC.

Meantime, a collection of Jay Z’s master recordings that could be worth about $20 million was found in a storage unit in Northridge, CA. These recordings have been missing since 2002. Jay’s former producer, Chauncey Mahan, was questioned by police for extortion, but so far, he has not been charged. Jay’s people say Mahan contacted them last week and saying he was going to auction off the recordings unless they paid him a $100K for storage fees. They told Mahan they’d pay him $75K and agreed to meet him at the storage unit, where cops were waiting. Mahan told TMZ that he didn’t steal anything and wasn’t trying to extort anyone. He claims that back in 2002, Def Jam asked him to keep track of the recordings because nobody else was doing it. According to Mahan, Jay was just “a stupid kid smoking blunts” and was reckless with his intellectual property. He claims that for the past 10 years, he let Jay’s people know he had the masters, but they kept blowing him off. Finally, he could no longer afford to pay the fee to keep them in storage, and THAT’S when he asked for the $100K. Police now have the tapes until a judge can determine who rightfully owns them.

People have been gossiping that Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert’s marriage is in trouble for some time, and many people speculated it’s because he has a wandering eye. But sources say Blake’s drinking might be more to blame. People have been whispering in Hollywood that Blake’s drinking is getting a little out of control. Before Monday night’s taping of “The Voice” the other night, Blake tweeted, “Hellooooo Hollywood!!!! I’m here and I have been drinking!!!! B*tch.” And then he added, “Oh and I almost forgot.. @adamlevine is a complete vag…” Is this okay??


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