Is Khloe Kardashian with Matt Kemp?

NBC is trying a little something new… More Real Housewives of Atlanta drama… Miley Cyrus canceled her concert… Christina Aguilera’s replacement on “The Voice”… and Is Khloe Kardashian with Matt Kemp?

NBC is trying a little something new. If you think you’ve got an idea for the most hilarious sitcom EVER, they want to hear about it. NBC has launched a national campaign offering aspiring comedy writers the chance to pitch their sitcom ideas. You don’t have to be a professional writer or comedian. NBC wants to give regular, everyday people a shot at this, too. Just go to to pitch your idea. NBC will pick up to 10 finalists and will pay each finalist to produce a pilot presentation based on their pitch. Then a panel of well-known producers and actors — including names like Aziz Ansari, Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, Mindy Kaling, Seth Myers and Amy Poehler — will help narrow that down to two winners. And then the winners will not only get paid, they’ll have their shows broadcast on NBC. And if the network likes what they see, that could include up to four additional episodes!

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss married Todd Tucker despite her mother’s attempts to sabotage their relationship. At least she was committed to her intense dislike for this guy! Mama Joyce even admitted to RadarOnline that she basically ignored Todd at the wedding. Kandi always manages to forgive her mama, but will she be able to forgive her bridesmaid Fantasia Barrino? At the reception, Fantasia gave a vulgar, expletive-filled toast that had another bridesmaid trying to grab the mic from her hand and left everybody else shaking their heads.

Miley Cyrus canceled her concert in Charlotte, NC, on Monday night at the very last minute. It was 30 minutes before showtime when Miley’s people pulled the plug, saying she had the flu. But she sure did bounce back quick! Her concert the next night in Raleigh went on as planned. Some are speculating she is simply overcome with grief after her dog Floyd died last week and that perhaps she consoled herself with a little too much alcohol or some other feel-good substances.

Pharrell Williams has already been announced as CeeLo Green’s official replacement on “The Voice,” but what’s the deal with Christina Aguilera. Shakira is filling in for her right now, but will Christina come back next season? is saying no. They say Christina is taking a pass next season — perhaps to plan a wedding and have that baby. And they’re reporting that if Usher or Shakira both decide they don’t want to come back, Jewel is the first choice to replace Christina.

While everybody’s thinking Khloe Kardashian and rapper French Montana, says the man she’s REALLY after is LA Dodger Matt Kemp. Their sources say while Khloe is having a little fun flirting with French, her main focus is Matt. In fact, while she was hanging out with French watching the Dodgers game, Khloe was so excited that Matt hit a couple home runs that she sneaked off to call him. Reportedly, she got his voice mail and told him she wants to see him soon to congratulate him in person, and then she called her assistant to have a bottle of champagne sent to Matt’s house.


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