Is Miley Cyrus at war with Maria Shriver?

“The Bachelor” has revealed the 30 ladies in competition… Tyler Perry is a daddy!… Peter Pan Live review… The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show may be mending relationships… and Is Miley Cyrus at war with Maria Shriver?

In an attempt to get us excited about what may be the most boring Bachelor ever, ABC has revealed the 30 ladies who will vie for the love of the man they have nicknamed “Prince Farming.” Among this year’s crop of 30 women — a record number of contestants — they’ve got a WWE Diva-In-Training, a plus-sized model and a cadaver tissue saleswoman! Eight will go home in the first rose ceremony and the remaining 22 will compete to live on a farm in Iowa with a one-lip farmer. A dream come true! “The Bachelor” returns on January 5.

Tyler Perry is a daddy! He and his girlfriend Gelila Bekele welcomed a baby boy on Sunday, naming him Aman Tyler Perry. Instead of baby gifts, the couple has asked friends and family to donate to Charity Water, an organization that strives to provide clean water in underdeveloped nations.

#PeterPanLive was trending on Twitter last night. A lot of people loved to hate on the live show starring Allison Williams as Peter Pan and Christopher Walken as Hook. But there were a lot of celebrities who had wonderful, supporting tweets for the show. Katy Perry tweeted, “I BELIEVE IN YOU ALLISON WILLIAMS!!!” And Sarah Silverman said, “Christopher Walken = spectacular.” Aubrey Plaza agreed, “CHRISTOPHER WALKEN IS EVERYTHING.”

What is it about the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show that can apparently fix the most damaged relationships??? First, there was the red carpet run-in between Ed Sheeran and Ellie Goulding. After she cheated on him with Niall Horan and he wrote a scathing song about it — “Don’t” — how would you expect these two to react to seeing each other? They smiled! They embraced! What is up with THAT?! And THEN! At the big after-party, Taylor Swift and her Harry Styles were partying together! They and their friends even got up and all danced together.

For a hot minute, Miley Cyrus pulled herself together and put on a decent outfit to meet Patrick Schwarzenegger’s mom, Maria Shriver. She thought things went great! In fact, “sources” —  that would people in Miley’s camp — even leaked stories to the media about how Maria didn’t have a problem with her son dating Miley. That couldn’t be farther from the truth! Maria has been trying to convince Patrick to break up with Miley and even forbid him from bringing her to Thanksgiving dinner. So Miley figured if they’re going to treat her like trash she’s going to give them the full-on trashy Miley treatment! And that’s why when she and Patrick flew down to Miami for the Art Basel show, she did the whole tinsel wig, ridiculous makeup, and pasties. This. Is. WAR.


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