Is Rihanna Engaged?

Matt Lauer acting roles… Scott Disick and Sofia Richie still together… Ryan Reynolds is playing Pikachu… Shawn Mendes’ investment… and Is Rihanna really engaged?

The Today show held its holiday party at lunchtime yesterday, and sources say it was WAY more low-key than in years past. Thanks to Matt Lauer, gone are the days of risqué gag gifts. Speaking of Matt, in addition to his former hosting duties, he would occasionally pop up in some acting roles, always playing Matt Lauer, of course. He’s been in Zoolander 2, Sharknado 3 and Entourage, to name a few. He’s currently in the movie Lady Bird. In one scene, he’s on the TV rerouting about the war in Afghanistan. People are groaning when Matt’s face pops up, but it doesn’t look like they’re going to go back and edit him out. Matt will also be in the upcoming “I, Tonya” movie. Footage of his actual reporting on the 1994 attack of Nancy Kerrigan is included in a montage segment. Apparently, producers made the decision to keep it in.

I thought they were reporting that Scott Disick and Sofia Richie were done. But I guess their storyline hasn’t played out because the two of them showed up arm-in-arm for an Art Basel exhibit in Miami Beach. Yes, a camera crew was with them. People at the party were all buzzing that this was for “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” but E! wouldn’t confirm if it was for that show or another project. Maybe Scott and Sofia are getting their own show now that Kourtney is completely done with him.

They’re making a live action Pokemon movie. Like Avatar, the actors will wear those spandex body suits with greet dots all over them and they’ll do all their scenes in front of a green screen. Who’s playing the most famous Pokemon? Ryan Reynolds! He’s playing Pikachu. Traditionally, Pikachu only says his name, but Ryan is playing DETECTIVE Pikachu, who happens to speak fluent English.

Today there are more than 2600 official emojis, but Shawn Mendes believes there’s room for more! He’s invested in this a app called Genies, which lets you create an avatar that changes expressions, moods, outfits and accessories, based on news headlines or holidays. He would literally work on the app with the creator backstage before hitting the stage, so he has a big hand in this. After raising $3 million in funding, the Genies app officially launched yesterday. The Genies will update and react about 10-15 times each day and can be shared through iMessage, Facebook Messenger, Instagram direct message, Snapchat and SMS. Shawn believes this app is going to connect us on a deeper level that what has existed before.

Rihanna has had a fabulous year. She launched her Fenty Beauty line, which earned her a record $72 million in just one month. But not only did she add to her bank account, Rihanna found love. And not only did she find love, she may have found herself a husband! Rihanna has been dating a billionaire named Hassan Jameel for several months. We got our first glimpse of him when they were photographed making outing a pool in Spain back in June. But when Rihanna was seen leaving Chris Rock’s stand-up show at Madison Square Garden, she was wearing this HUGE rock on THAT finger. It’s a large champagne colored diamond surrounded by several white diamonds. Of course, this could be her way of messing with us, but Rihanna just MIGHT be engaged.


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