Showbiz Top 5: It’s getting ugly between Miley Cyrus and Sinead O’Connor

Naya Rivera and Big Sean are engaged…Stacey Keibler accustomed to a certain lifestyle…”Keeping Up with the Kardashians” low ratings…NeNe Leakes forced to appear on Bethenny Frankel’s talk show? And it’s getting ugly between Miley Cyrus and Sinead O’Connor.

It all started with a tweet and six months later, they’re engaged. Naya Rivera followed Big Sean on Twitter and then tweeted that she’d done that to get his attention. It worked! He wrote back that he was a fan of hers, they went to dinner, and bada boom bada bing, she’s wearing a gigantic engagement ring.

Stacey Keibler grew accustomed to a certain lifestyle when she dated George Clooney and she’s not so ready to go back to the way things were before. But in order to do that, she estimates she needs about $50K a month. A source says in order to generate that kind of cash, she may have to go back to pro wrestling for a bit. Now that she’s made an even bigger name for herself, a couple of appearances could set her up for years.

Who said “All publicity is good publicity”? She may not have said it first, but I’m sure those words have crossed over Kris Jenner’s lips a time or two. But this time, she may be wrong. Her family has been rocked by back-to-back scandals and tons of negative press, but rather than generate ratings, it’s sending viewers running from “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” Last Sunday’s episode was the lowest rated of the season.

Sources told that NeNe Leakes was basically forced to appear on Bethenny Frankel’s talk show because it could affect future appearance on Ellen DeGeneres’ show. Ellen has a stake in Bethenny’s success — she produces it! A source says NeNe wasn’t happy with being given an ultimatum, but it was made clear to her that this order was coming directly from Ellen.

It’s getting ugly between Miley Cyrus and Sinead O’Connor. After Miley says her “Wrecking Ball” video was a modern version of “Nothing Compares to U,” Sinead wrote an open letter to Miley, telling her it wasn’t cool to be naked while licking sledgehammers and that she would likely “end up in rehab as a result of being prostituted” by the music industry. Miley hit back by tweeting, “Before Amanda Bynes….There was….” and she posted a link to a series of tweets Sinead made a couple years ago when she was going through a public mental breakdown. Sinead is FURIOUS that Miley dragged Amanda into this and that she’s making fun of people who have mental health issues. She demands the tweets be removed or she’ll face legal action. But Miley doesn’t care about any of that. As she tweeted, “Sinead. I don’t have time to write you an open letter cause Im hosting & performing on SNL this week….So if youd like to meet up and talk lemme know in your next letter. 🙂 “

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