J-Lo Cracking Down On A-Rod

RHOA gossip… Lindsay Lohan’s record deal… The Jonas Vinyl Club… Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner in Paris… and J-Lo cracking down on A-Rod

Whether or not you watch “Real Housewives of Atlanta” this HAS to be discussed!! Kandi Burruss’ husband Todd Tucker likes to go to the strip club WITH HIS DAUGHTER. He posted a video from their most recent adventure at a London strip club, showing his daughter Kaela sipping on her drink while a stripper dances behind her. He captioned it, “Watch out for the bootie! Lol!” WHAT IS HAPPENING??? Granted, she’s 23, but STILL! Todd explained to TMZ that taking his daughter to strip clubs “ain’t no big deal.” He said, “Me and my mom even went to the strip club before. It’s in our genes.” And he rationalized, “They’re going to go anyway, so why not experience it and have fun with your kids. That’s what we need to do. We need to spend more time with our kids, even if it’s at the strip club.” Todd also says that taking Kaela to strip clubs shows his daughter that “dad is cool,” so she’s “able to have those good conversations with me.”

When one door shuts, a window opens. Lindsay Lohan may have lost her Greek nightclub and her MTV show that revolved around it, but she’ gained a record deal! Page Six has learned that Lindsay just signed with Tommy Mottola’s Casablanca Records. Lindsay was originally signed to this same label back in 2004 when she was only 18. Her album “Speak” went to No. 4 and her single “Rumors” was a decent hit. Her follow up album, “A Little More Personal (Raw)” came out the next year, making it as high as No. 20. No word on when we can expect Lindsay’s new music.

For the first time ever, the Jonas Brothers are releasing their albums on vinyl, but you have to join the Jonas Vinyl Club. It’s a mail-order subscription service and for $399, you get a lot of good stuff — eight albums, 10 singles, a Jonas Brothers turntable slip mat, posters and more! In addition to Nick and Joe’s solo projects, you’ll also receive the Jonas Brothers 2013 album “V” which was never fully released because they broke up. One thing you WON’T get, though, is their most recent release, “Happiness Begins.”

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner had their civil ceremony on May 1 in Vegas, but they said the big wedding ceremony would happen sometime this summer in Paris. Apparently, the big day is getting close because Joe and Sophie are in Paris! No other star sightings just yet.

According to the National Enquirer, Jennifer Lopez wants to keep Alex Rodriguez honest while he tags along on her tour. A source says she’s basically mapped out his entire itinerary with a detailed calendar. Plus, the source says, “She’s insisted Alex has a ‘security team.’ It’s four guys who watch over him 24/7, but they’re not professionals. Alex recruited one of the guys from his gym. He’s just an ordinary schmuck who’s never been on tour before!”

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