J-Lo Hired A Private Investigator To Follow A-Rod

Blac Chyna was denied access to party… Corinne Olympios joins “Bachelor in Paradise” reunion show… Shia LaBeouf apologizes… Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth’s argument… and JLo hired a private investigator to follow A-Rod

When trying to crash party, you’ve got to check your attitude. Blac Chyna is still working on this life lesson. Page Six is reporting that Cyna tried to get into a pre-ESPY Awards party but her name wasn’t on the list. Rather than use her B-list (C-list? D?) to her advantage and sweet talk her way inside, the source says Chyna threw a huge hissy fit. The end result? Access denied. So Chyna missed out on partying with another Kardashian ex, Lamar Odom, whose name WAS on the list.

I can’t believe ABC is allowing this, but Corinne Olympios announced yesterday that she will be on the “Bachelor in Paradise” reunion show! After ABC and their attorneys reviewed the video and interviewed all the witnesses, they determined nothing illegal happened between Corinne and DeMario Jackson. But Corinne said that wasn’t good enough and she and her attorneys were continuing with their own investigation. But a few days later, they came to the same conclusion and dropped it. By the way, she says she was invited to return to the show, but it was her decision not to come back. However, she’s cool with doing the reunion.

Shia LaBeouf is embarrassed and very, very sorry. After video was released of him screaming and cussing at police in Savannah, Georgia, Shia tweeted that he is deeply ashamed. He says that he’s making no excuses for what happened, but he has been struggling with addiction for far too long and is now taking steps towards sobriety.

OK! Australia is reporting that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth got into an explosive argument over a prenup! Reportedly, Miley’s management team has been urging her to protect her $160 million fortune, but Liam is offended that anybody thinks he wants Miley’s money and he’s refusing to sign. Their sources say the two of them never yell, but this topic has led to screaming and tears.

After four blissful months together, this Lauren Hunter woman came forward saying Alex Rodriguez had been texting her the whole time he was with Jennifer Lopez. Us Weekly is reporting that the cheating rumors got to her, so JLo hired a private investigator to follow A-Rod, only he found out about it! That obviously led to a huge fight, but their source says the two of them are working through it.


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