Jada Pinkett Smith Was a Drug Dealer

Two new Harry Potter books… HBO’s next project… R. Kelly isn’t guilty of kidnapping… Jay Z and Beyonce have added 18 people to the payroll… and Jada Pinkett Smith was a drug dealer

Harry Potter fans rejoice! It was announced this week that two new Harry Potter books are coming out on October 20, but you can pre-order them now. One is called Harry Potter: A History of Magic — The Book of the Exhibition. It will explore the curriculum at Hogwarts. The other is Harry Potter — A Journey Through a History of Magic. This one will explore mystical subjects like unicorns, alchemy and ancient witchcraft.

After “Game of Thrones” wraps up, the show’s co-creators have announced their next project for HBO — “Confederate.” Imagine what would’ve happened if the South successfully succeeded from the Union and slavery was still a thing. THAT’S what “Confederate” is about. Not surprisingly, the very idea of this show is getting a lot of backlash on Twitter. Some of the comments include, “I don’t care if it is done tastefully as possible. The VERY premise is DISGUSTING. Especially now. Who are you pandering to?” And, “What if black members of the Screen Actors Guild boycott @HBO’s #Confederate? No slaves. No show.”

TMZ has been talking to some people who say they know what’s up, and they say R. Kelly isn’t guilty of kidnapping. He’s guilty of pampering women with so much luxury that they never want to leave! They talk about one 20-year-old woman in particular who met R. Kelly during a backstage meet and greet and talked to him for about six months before he asked her to move in with him. But she’s free to come and go whenever she likes and has even gone home to visit family. But they say she never stays gone for more than a week because she can’t wait to get back to R. Kelly. Why? Because he showers her with gifts! He sends her on shopping sprees to Beverly Hills! She gets all the spa treatments her heart desires! What 20-year-old isn’t going to be seduced by all that?!

RadarOnline.com says that since Sir and Rumi came into the world, Jay Z and Beyonce have added another 18 people to the payroll. In addition to more security, they now have added six nannies, a team of rotating nurses, and two maids. They’ve also upgraded their bullet-proof vehicles.

Jada Pinkett Smith told “Sway in the Morning” that when she first met Tupac Shakur, she was a drug dealer! She said she was coming out of that part of her life right when he was getting more into it. She hoped that God would save him from that life, just as He’d done for her, but that never happened. She also said their relationship was never really romantic; it was based on survival.


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