James Packer Reportedly Dumps Mariah Carey

Amy Schumer faces backlash for ‘Formation’ parody… Is that Sia in concert?… Tom Cruise moving into Scientology HQ… Michael Phelps secretly married… and James Packer ‘dumps Mariah Carey

Amy Schumer is getting beat up on social media for her parody of “Formation.” But before you jump on the bandwagon and start calling her a racist, Amy wants you to know one thing — she got Beyonce’s blessing before she made the video. In fact, the video was first released on Tidal, which just so happens to be owned by Beyonce’s husband, Jay Z, so he obviously doesn’t have a problem with it. And just in case you don’t subscribe to Tidal, Amy also posted the video on her YouTube channel so you can judge for yourself whether or not she was being racist.

Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn Dancing to “Formation” Video

Sia is getting some flak for her sold-out show at Barclays Center in Brooklyn Tuesday night. She sang just fine, but she did it while hiding at the back of the stage with her face covered by that black and white wig while a 14-year-old girl danced. As one concertgoer observed, “Who wants to pay $200 to sit in a crowd and watch a kid while Sia’s hiding? It could’ve been anyone singing.” In fact, some people believed it wasn’t even Sia standing in the shadows and started yelling, “It’s rigged!”

Tom Cruise is rumored to be moving into a penthouse in the SkyView building, which is owned by the Church of Scientology in Clearwater, Florida. Reportedly, the place was designed specifically with Tom in mind and the plans cover the top two floors of the building. It includes a private entrance with a car elevator, plus a parking garage for nine cars. There’s also a private air bridge, a recreation area, a pool and a flight simulator room.

TMZ Sports says they’ve seen the marriage license proving that Michael Phelps secretly married Nicole Johnson back on June 13. So while everyone was referring to her as his fiancee during the Olympics, they had actually already been married for two months. The ceremony reportedly took place in Paradise Valley, AZ, which is where the couple had just moved. It was officiated by Michael’s agent and longtime friend, Peter Carlisle. In fact, on June 13, Nicole actually posted a picture of her and Michael with their baby boy, Boomer, and captioned it, “Such a memorable night with my lil fambam.”

Such a memorable night with my lil fambam 😍💖 boomer obviously didn't want to hold still🙈

A photo posted by Nicole Michele Johnson (@nicole.m.johnson) on

Who truly thought these two would ever make it down the aisle…But sources are now saying that Mariah Carey and James Packer are no longer engaged and that he’s the one who dumped her! Sources told “Woman’s Day” that James was never happy about Mariah’s upcoming reality show and the fact that she was willing to expose their lives to the world. And then there was that whole drama with James’ sister’s birthday party. Reportedly, Mariah refused to fly to Australia for the birthday party and it created a lot of tension with James’ family. But what really did it for James was Mariah’s excessive spending! A source said, “James is very generous, but Mariah takes it to the next level.” In fact, James was so ready to cut his losses, he just told Mariah she could keep the $10 million engagement ring.


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