Luke Bryan teases… Bhad Bhabie reveals domestic abuse… Ice Cube says ‘Friday 4’ in works… Kim Kardashian re-teams with Ryan Murphy… and Jamie Foxx shares new details about health crisis

Luke Bryan told Billboard that he’s thrown out a few names to be considered as Katy Perry’s American Idol replacement. Luke says he’s heard Pink, Miley Cyrus and Meghan Trainor have all been in talks, but he hasn’t heard anything from the higher-ups at Disney. In fact, Luke said, “We currently haven’t heard what the story is on who’s coming back, and if Lionel and I are coming back. I think Disney is just trying to figure out what they want to do and we’re just kind of sitting back and waiting until they decide.” As far as Katy, when she was asked who should take her spot on Idol, she said Jelly Roll.

Bhad Bhabie — otherwise known as Danielle Bregoli or the “Cash Me Ousside” girl — has accused her boyfriend Le Vaughn of domestic abuse. The couple welcomed their daughter Kali Love back in March, but things have been far from blissful. Danielle posted on her IG Stories, “This man think he gonna take my daughter from me! Say whatever you want, take my baby is crazy.” Then she posted two photos showing her badly beaten face and also security camera video taken in the early morning hours of June 30, showing a man — she identified as Le Vaughn — brutally throwing her to the ground. Then Danielle posted — and this is verbatim — “I love that man more than I love myself and it’s honestly really sad. But unfortunately this is real life I know the easy way out is to leave that’s better said than done. This doesn’t happen this extreme often, but LV definitely has a problem. He’s going to get the help he needs. Right now there’s no room for mistakes. And he knows that. Who ever says they are there for me will b supportive of me no matter what I choose to do. Y’all know I give a mf hell but there’s no excuse for that at all what so ever. My point in sharing this wasn’t to attack him, it was for him to see what he does is wrong and too take accountability and make a REAL CHANGE.”

Ice Cube says it’s been far too long, but the new leadership at Warner Bros. “finally came to their senses” and discussions are being had for a fourth Friday movie. Ice Cube was a guest on Flava Flav’s podcast and said, “They wanna do it, but the key is, it’s gotta be done right….or we shouldn’t (BLANK) with it. So they finally came to their senses. So hopefully we can get in the process of getting that movie made.” Ice Cube also admitted, “I was a little hot because they’d took so long because, you know, John Witherspoon passed away, Tiny passed away, A.J. Johnson passed away. Like, man, we keep losing people and y’all keep (BLANKING) around, not doing the movie the way it needed to be done.” John Witherspoon — who played Ice Cube’s father Willie in all three Friday movies — died in 2019. The following year, Tommy “Tiny” Lister, Jr., who played Deebo in the original Friday and Next Friday, passed away. And the year after that, Anthony “A.J.” Johnson died.

Ryan Murphy not only took Kim Kardashian seriously as an actress, he’s taking her seriously as a producing partner. After starring in Ryan’s American Horror Story: Delicate, Kim is executive producing and starring in Ryan’s Hulu legal drama, All’s Fair. Kim will play the top divorce attorney in LA and owner of the all-female law firm featured in the series. And now Deadling has announced that Halle Berry and Glenn Close are joining All’s Fair as cast members AND executive producers! No word yet on what characters these two A-listers will portray.

On April 11, 2023, Jamie Foxx had what his daughter described as a “medical complication” on an Atlanta film set. After being hospitalized for weeks, Jamie then went through months of rehab, but never said what happened. While accepting an award in December, Jamie did say, “I wouldn’t wish what I went through on my worst enemy because it’s tough when you almost… when it’s almost over, when you see the tunnel. I saw the tunnel. I didn’t see the light! It was hot in that tunnel so I didn’t know where I was going, ‘S***! Am I going to the right place?’” We don’t know if he was joking about that part of not, but Jamie added, “I want to say six months ago I couldn’t fathom that this could happen or that I would be here, but as I walk up here to this microphone and get this Vanguard Award, all I can say is ‘Lord, have mercy, Jesus.’” Jamie has certainly been offered a number of opportunities — and a lot of money! — for an exclusive interview describing what happened, but Jamie doesn’t roll like that. Instead, he was spotted in downtown Phoenix last week and told a group of random strangers what happened….mostly. In the video posted online, Jamie said, “Look, April 11th last year, bad headache…asked my boy for an Advil….” Then he snapped his fingers demonstrating how quickly it happened. Jamie said, “I was gone for 20 days. I don’t remember anything. I’m in Atlanta, they told me my sister and my daughter took me to the first doctor. The next doctor said, ‘There’s something going on up there.’” That’s when Jamie pointed to his head. But then he said he wouldn’t reveal what the doctor said to him on camera. By the way, the movie he was filming is called Back in Action, co-starring Cameron Diaz, Glenn Close and Kyle Chandler. It debuts on Netflix Nov. 15.


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