Jay Z attacked by Solange Knowles

Surprise “Dancing With the Stars” elimination… Ben Affleck’s gambling problem… Casey Kasem suffering from Parkinson’s disease… Kelly Rowland secretly married… and Jay Z attacked by Solange Knowles

SPOILER ALERT:  It was a surprise elimination last night on Dancing With the Stars last night. Believe it or not, Olympic ice skating partners Charlie White and Meryl Davis — arguably the two best dancers left — were the bottom two last night. But after finally getting the perfect score he wanted so badly last week and again last night, it was Charlie who was sent home. So heading into next week’s finale are celebrity dancers Candace Cameron Bure, Amy Purdy, James Maslow and Meryl Davis.

Ben Affleck’s gambling problem could be causing problems with his marriage. Before Ben headed off to Detroit to start filming “Batman vs. Superman” he took his wife Jennifer Garner to Vegas for a romantic weekend. At least, that’s what we were led to believe. Sources say Jennifer insisted on going with Ben to Vegas because his gambling has been getting out of hand. And when he was caught counting cards at the blackjack table, he and his wife were escorted out of the casino by Hard Rock security. Jennifer was mortified. Sources say they had a huge fight after they left and that she told him it was time to quit gambling for good.

Casey Kasem is now 82 and is suffering from advanced Parkinson’s disease. His wife Jean has kept Casey’s kids from seeing their dad for well over a year. In fact, his oldest daughter Kerri staged a protest outside her father’s home last year, but it didn’t work. And then Jean started moving Casey around, so the kids didn’t know where he was. Kerri finally went to court and explained to the judge that the kids don’t care about their father’s money, they just want to be able to see him and comfort him in his final days. The judge appointed Kerri to be her dad’s temporary caretaker, but now she has to find him to be able to take care of him! Jean refuses to say where Casey is. Her attorney said they don’t know where he is and that maybe he’s out of the country, but Kerri believes he’s being hidden on an Indian reservation in Washington. The judge ordered authorities to find him.

Kelly Rowland secretly married her manager Tim Witherspoon in Costa Rica on Friday. Only 30 people or so were there, including Michelle Williams and Beyonce, who apparently served as bridesmaids. Beyonce flew into Costa Rica with her sister Solange, which is especially interesting since it was just a few days after Solange attacked Jay Z in a hotel elevator.

Security footage from the hotel elevator at the Standard Hotel in NYC was leaked showing Solange Knowles attacking her brother-in-law Jay Z as Beyonce stood by. It happened as they were leaving the Met Gala afterparty. We don’t know what set Solange off, but reportedly, she was feeling feisty all night. Earlier in the evening, she got into a yelling match with designer Rachel Roy and was seen arguing with other people at the party, as well. Interesting to note, when they all got off the elevator, Beyonce left in a car with her sister Solange.


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