Box Office weekend news… “American Idol” contestant passed away… Selena Gomez’s fender bender… Michael Strahan was blindsided… and Jay Z, Beyonce and FOUR lawyers emergency meeting

Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy” was number one at the box office with $94 million, setting a new record for an August debut and making it the third biggest opening of the year. Coming in second was “Lucy” with another $18.3 million. And the new James Brown biopic, “Get On Up,” debuted in third with $14 million.

Sad to hear that season seven “American Idol” contestant Michael Johns passed away on Friday at the age of 35. Michael had recently twisted his ankle and was in tremendous pain. He went to the doctor about it on Thursday and the doctor said he was fine and sent him home. The next day, he was dead. Apparently, he died from a blood clot that had formed in his ankle. In other “Idol” news, if your heart was set on seeing Dexter Roberts on the current tour, you’re out of luck. He had to go back home after being diagnosed with Rocky Mountain Spotted Tick Fever. He apparently picked it up turkey hunting back in May.

Selena Gomez was involved in a fender bender in a 7/11 parking lot and it apparently was all her fault. Or, according to Selena, it was all the paparazzis fault. The drivers exchanged information. Actually, Selena’s friend exchanged her information for her. Selena later tweeted about the incident, “Only I’d get into an accident because of men with cameras who have great careers and offer the couple a package at Burke Williams. Oh LA.” I had to google it, but Burke Williams is a spa.

Sources told TMZ that the break up was a long time coming, but Michael Strahan was still blindsided when his fiance Nicole Murphy ended their relationship. But to rub salt in the wound, the news was leaked THE EXACT MOMENT Michael was being inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame! Was the breakup so bitter that Nicole — or one of her friends — decided to ruin the biggest moment of Michael’s career?? We don’t know who to blame exactly, but the announcement came right when Michael was in the middle of receiving his official Hall of Fame yellow blazer. Michael still opened his speech by saying, “This has been the best weekend of my life.”

The Post is reporting that Jay Z, Beyonce, reps for HBO and their concert promoter Live Nation, and no less than FOUR lawyers all attended an emergency meeting Thursday. On the agenda:  Jay Z and Beyonce’s failing marriage and how it will affect their $100 million On the Run Tour. Sources told The Post that things are so bad the tour might be canceled before it makes it to the final show in Paris next month. Reportedly, the couple aren’t just staying in separate hotel rooms during the tour, they’re staying in separate hotels! A source also says that when they do split, Jay Z doesn’t want Beyonce sitting down with Barbara Walters or Oprah pretending to be the victim in all of this.


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