Favorite Jenna Moments

Today on Kellie Rasberry’s Showbiz Top 5… her favorite Jenna moments! Check them all out below.

Jenna and I KICKED BOOTY in Battle of the Sexes, proving once and for all and it will never be disputed that — at least on the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show — women ARE the superior sex.

Jenna has a super close relationship with her mother, Candy. For Mother’s Day a couple years ago, Jenna asked Candy some questions she thought her mom would NEVER answer, but she did! And now we all know that Candy wears a thong.

Jenna was teased a lot for her singing, but on what song challenge, she absolutely kicked butt and took ALL our names. If you haven’t heard her sing her Bruno Mars parody, “Locked Out the Bathroom,” GOOGLE IT!

When it was time for my daughter Emma Kelly to give up her pacifier, we told her that the Binky Fairy visits every child on his or her 3rd birthday to take the binky and replace it with a present. Jenna stepped in as the Binky Fairy to grant EK’s wishes!

And the biggest story of the week, of course, was Jenna’s announcement that she is stepping down from her full time cohosting duties to devote her time and energy to her growing Fitish business. We wish her all the success in the world because the biggest compliment she can give to our show is succeeding beyond her wildest dreams.


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