Showbiz Top 5: Jennifer Hudson’s makes Lord Kraven leave the People’s Choice Awards

“Veronica Mars” movie will debut at the SXSW… Jay Z and Beyonce rented out the Jungle Island bird sanctuary… Beyonce showed up at karaoke bar and hung out with fans… Justin Bieber eggs his neighbor… and Jennifer Hudson’s makes Lord Kraven leave the People’s Choice Awards

“Veronica Mars” is where I first discovered and fell in love with Kristen Bell. And fans of the show were thrilled to find out they were planning to make a movie based on the TV series and many of them pitched in on Kickstarter. The Kickstarter goal was $2 million and they raised that in just 10 hours. But at the end of the 31-day campaign, fans kicked in $5.7 million towards making this movie happen. And yesterday, it was announced that the movie will make its debut at the SXSW Film Festival in Austin, right before its theatrical debut at select theaters on March 14. And to get everybody pumped up for the movie, Amazon and Warner Bros. made a deal to stream the entire “Veronica Mars” TV series exclusively on Amazon Prime! And it’s available right now. And for those not familiar, Veronica Mars is a high school student who moonlights as a private investigator with her dad.

We know that Jay Z and Beyonce gave their daughter a thoroughbred for her 2nd birthday, but what about the party? The couple rented out the Jungle Island bird sanctuary inside the Miami Zoo so Blue Ivy could get up close and personal with exotic birds, penguins, kangaroos and lemurs. No word on the total cost of renting out an entire bird sanctuary, but we do know the cost of a single VIP tour is about $240.

While she was in Miami, Beyonce wanted a little “adult” time away from her baby. So she, Jay Z and their entourage — including Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams — went to the Sing Sing karaoke bar around midnight and asked for a private room. According to Celebuzz, the group sang a little Oasis, Pharell and Robin Thicke, but then Beyonce heard her song coming from the room next door. She and Kelly walked over to check it out and the women who were singing didn’t even realize what was happening. Suddenly the group all started dancing together and one of the women looked at Kelly and said, “Oh, you look like Kelly Rowland!” And then she looked over at Beyonce and was like, “Oh. Em. Gee!!!”

Justin Bieber may be rid of Lil Twist and Lil Za, but he’s still a Lil Brat. Last night, his neighbor says he heard something banging against his house so he went out on the second floor balcony to check it out. That’s when he claims he saw Justin lobbing all these eggs at his front door! The man says he yelled down, “What the hell are you doing??” and that’s when Justin started throwing eggs at him! So he called the sheriff’s department, who came and took his statement. No word yet if authorities have spoken with Justin about the incident, but his reps aren’t commenting.

Back in 2008, Jennifer Hudson’s mother, brother and nephew were shot and killed by her sister’s estranged husband. Wednesday night, Jennifer was at the People’s Choice Awards to receive a special humanitarian award for her work with a foundation she established in honor of her murdered nephew. But Jennifer almost didn’t make it on stage when she looked in the audience and saw rapper Lord Kraven sitting in the front row. She reportedly demanded that he be removed from the theater or she was going to walk out! It turns out that Jennifer and Lord Kraven used to be close friends. But during the rial of the man charged with murdering her family members, he went on “Showbiz Tonight” to provide commentary and she’s never forgiven him. Lord Kraven went on his Facebook yesterday to vent his anger about the awards show drama. He wrote, “OMG! I can’t believe THIS! JENNIFER HUDSON, look what YOU HAVE CREATED! This is absolutely ridiculous! I am #Speechless!!! This headline is everywhere!! Ugh! #TimeToGROWUP #TIMEtoBEMature #TimeToGetOverYoursefl.” (sic)


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