Dolly Parton’s Wine Collection… ‘SAW’ films are now streaming on Disney+… Chris Brown gets stuck… The TRIO that fell apart… and Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck arrived separately for graduation…

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I should just start doing a Daily Dolly Update because, at the age of 78, she is still hustling. She’s launching her own line of wine called Dolly Wines. She’s releasing her first one next month — Dolly Wines California Chardonnay 2023 — but she has a pre-sale going on at Also, for the past few years, Dolly has been writing a musical about her life story. Hello, I’m Dolly is set to debut on Broadway in 2026! The production will feature hits we all know and love, as well as original music Dolly wrote just for this project. When she was telling her fans about it at CMA Fest, Dolly said, “I wouldn’t be here if you hadn’t been there, and I mean that. And that happens to be the name of one of the songs that’s going to be in my new Broadway musical!” Dolly also announced she and her sister Rachel have a new cookbook coming out on Sept. 17. AND she’s been working on a new album featuring members of her family called Dolly Parton & Family: Smoky Mountain DNA – Family, Faith & Fables. It’s coming out Nov. 15, along with a documentary about the making of the album.

Deadpool & Wolverine is the first R-rated Marvel Cinematic Universe movie at Disney. The trailer alone was too dirty to air during the Super Bowl. And now, in another head-scratching move, the first seven installments of the Saw franchise have landed on Disney+ as part of the Disney+/Hulu bundle. The seventh one is in 3D, so I don’t know how that will look. And after you’ve watched the first seven, you can stream Jigsaw, Spiral and Saw X through Hulu with its Starz add-on. By the way….how did I miss that there’s going to be a Jurassic World 4? Steven Spielberg is one of the producers. He directed the original Jurassic Park back in 1993, which led to two sequels in 1997 and 2001. Then the Jurassic World franchise began in 2015. But this new take is being called “a completely fresh take launching a new Jurassic era, following three adults and three teens getting stuck on the Island.” Some of the stars attached to the project include Scarlett Johansson, Rupert Friend and Mahershala Ali, with filming set to take place in Thailand, Malta and the UK. It’s supposed to be in theaters on July 2, 2025, so they need to hustle! Speaking of Mahershala Ali, he’s starring in the new Blade reboot being produced by Marvel Studios. The first director quit in 2022, and now the SECOND director has left, apparently because it’s just taking too long to get this thing going. In fact, it doesn’t even look like they have a completed script! Eric Pearson, who co-wrote The Fantastic Four for Marvel, is the latest screenwriter to take on the Blade script, after at least five other writers have passed.

Chris Brown was in concert in Newark last night, performing Under the Influence while flying around on wires suspended from the ceiling. But something happened and his contraption malfunctioned, leaving Chris stuck in the air. He kept on singing for a bit, but nothing was happening to get him unstuck. In videos circulating on social media, you can see that Chris got very annoyed. He was making hand gestures and mouthing angrily at someone offstage before he started singing again. They finally brought out a ladder to get him down. Some people are slamming Chris for not controlling his temper, but others have his back, saying this was a dangerous situation and he had every right to be angry.

The friendship between Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds has become one of the most iconic in all of Hollywood. But did you know this friendship duo used to be a trio? While filming the 2017 sci-fi horror film Life, Ryan and Jake became great friends, and soon Ryan, Jake and Hugh were running buddies. A source told Life & Style, “The three of them seemed to get along well. At least, at first…Word is, Jake got too competitive. He and Ryan were vying for the same roles, and it became awkward.” Hugh reportedly tried to remain neutral and be friends with both, but ultimately, his loyalty was to Ryan. And now they’re in Deadpool & Wolverine, coming July 26!

Things don’t seem to be getting any better between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. Ben’s 12-year-old son Samual had a graduation ceremony yesterday. Jennifer arrived with her twins Max and Emme, separately from Ben, who showed up a little later with his mom. Ben is still wearing his wedding ring, but out of all the paparazzi photos, nobody got a shot of JLo’s left hand. Ben and Jennifer didn’t see each other outside, so we don’t know how they greeted each other inside. A source told that Ben is suffering “acute sadness” over his marriage falling apart. The source said his friends and family are worried Ben is going to fall off the wagon, if he hasn’t already. Reportedly, Jennifer’s longtime manager Benny Medina “openly dislikes” Ben. And sources also say Jen’s mom has “turned against” Ben after initially encouraging her daughter to reunite with him.


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