JLo Buzz For ‘Hustlers’

‘1999’ album gets reissue… Cookie Monster changes lyrics… Taylor Swift’s security cameras point at her butt… Kylie Jenner coming to Playboy… and Jennifer Lopez Oscar buzz for ‘Hustlers’

For the first time, Prince’s classic double-album “1999” has been remastered and expanded to include 35 previously unreleased songs. The collection will also include the complete live audio performance of the 1999 tour recorded in Detroit on Nov. 30, 1982, as well as a DVD of his “1999” concert performance at the Houston Summit on Dec. 29, 1982. The Super Deluxe reissue will hit all physical, digital and streaming services on Nov. 29th. The original “1999” album was released on Oct. 27, 1982, and peaked at No. 7 on the Billboard 200.

They even know about Lizzo on Sesame Street. Cookie Monster tweeted, “Me just took a DNA test turns out me 100% cookies…” Lizzo loved that so much she retweeted it and added her own lyrics, “Even when me crumble crazy me got shortbread problems, that’s the monster in me — nom nom — Then me eat em that’s the cookie in me.”

Remember when Taylor Swift sued that DJ for groping her bottom during a backstage meet and greet? The National Enquirer says Taylor is now taking extra security measures to make sure this never happens again. Or, at least if it does, she’ll at least have some solid evidence against the groper! Taylor reportedly now has cameras set up to record her from the rear during future meet and greets.

Kylie Jenner announced she and Travis Scott have posed for Playboy, teasing us with a photo from their shoot. In the picture, Kylie is naked except for a cowboy hat. She’s snuggled up next to a shirtless Travis, who decided to keep on his jeans. Kylie captioned it, “When Houston meets LA @playboy #ComingSoon.” Travis served as creative director for the cover art featuring Kylie.

We’re barely into the season, but there’s already talk about who will be the halftime performer at Super Bowl LIV in Miami. Sources are blabbing to every media outlet that Jennifer Lopez is the top choice and that discussions have already begun. JLo has spoken in the past about being interested in the gig, and she’s already worked with the NFL this year promoting their 100th season. Sounds like a done deal to me!

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