Jessica Simpson Reveals Details in Upcoming Memoir

Lori Loughlin’s daughters called to testify… Jennifer Garner jokes ‘no one swipes’… Britney Spears’ conservatorship… ‘Miss Americana’ trailer… and Jessica Simpson reveals details in upcoming memoir

There’s some juicy family legal drama going on this week. First, we found out Thomas Markle is prepared to testify against his own daughter in Meghan and Harry’s lawsuit against the British tabloids. Now we’re hearing that Lori Loughlin’s daughters might testify against their parents in the college bribery scandal. Lori and her husband Mossimo have pleaded not guilty to paying over half a million dollars to get Oliva Jade and Isabella into USC under the guise that they could be part of the rowing team. Federal prosecutors have told Lori and Mossimo that their daughters will be called to the stand unless they change their plea to guilty and accept a plea bargain. We all know that ain’t happening. But if Isabella testifies, a source says she will admit that she took pictures on a rowing machine because her parents told her to. However, they could also plead the Fifth and refuse to testify…

Tyler Cameron is shooting his shot with Jennifer Garner because WHY NOT?? There’s a social media meme going around right now where you post four pictures of yourself — what you’d post as your LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Tinder profile shot. Jennifer got in on it and one of her fans commented, “I would have switched the instagram and tinder pics…” Jen replied, “Shoot, is THAT why no one swipes?” And here comes Tyler C! “@jennifer.garner I’m still swiping right.” Tyler turns 27 next week and Jen is 47, but WHY NOT??

In case you were wondering why #FreeBritney was trending on Twitter yesterday, it’s because another hearing was held in Britney Spears’ conservatorship case. The hearing was closed to the public. From what we hear, Britney was not there, but her dad was, along with nine different lawyers. Mama Lynne joined by phone. While they discussed Britney’s arrangement, a crowd protested outside, demanding that she be freed from the constraints of the conservatorship. But the thing is, it doesn’t sound like Britney wants out. Due to health issues, Jamie was temporarily replaced as his daughter’s conservator by her longtime care manager, Jodi Montgomery. At a status update back in September, The Blast reported that Britney’s court-appointed attorney told the judge that she had no objections to that arrangement. And at yesterday’s hearing, it looks like that is still the case, and now we’ll have another status update on April 21.

The Taylor Swift documentary “Miss American” premieres at the Sundance Film Festival tonight and we’ll get to see it on Netflix starting January 31. Yesterday Taylor released the trailer on her Instagram. No more nice girl smiling and waving and being the person everyone wanted her to be! Taylor is giving us her opinion on politics! She’s hugging on her boyfriend Joe Alwyn! She’s cussing! And she’s also giving us new music. Inspired by the midterm elections, Taylor wrote “Only the Young,” but you’ll have to sit through the credits to hear it.

Jessica Simpson is telling it ALL in her memoir, Open Book, which is available for pre-order now. People magazine gave us some excerpts from the book, in which Jessica admits she was slowly killing herself with drinking and pills. But after a really bad incident at a Halloween party in 2017, Jessica decided to sober up, and says she hasn’t had a drink since. In the book, Jessica reveals being molested by a friend when she was only 6 years old. She also talks about her first failed marriage to Nick Lachey. She reveals what John Meyer said that finally gave her the strength to delete his phone number. She talks about finding her soul mate in Eric Johnson and running a billion dollar fashion line. And along with the audio book she narrated, Jessica is also releasing six new songs. She’s hoping her book and her music will inspire people and help them realize that they are not alone.

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