Showbiz Top 5: Jimmy Fallon’s debut on The Tonight Show

Pete Wentz and girlfriend are expecting a baby… Madonna got her son David a grill… R. Kelly $100K behind on child support… Cara Delevingne and Michelle Rodriguez are an item… and Jimmy Fallon’s debut on The Tonight Show

Pete Wentz and his girlfriend Meagan Camper are expecting a baby. He made the announcement on Instagram yesterday. Pete has a 5-year-old son, Bronx, with his ex-wife, Ashlee Simpson. Ashlee recently announced that she’s engaged to Diana Ross’ son, Evan.

Madonna brought her son, David, with her to the Grammys and on the red carpet, David told anyone who would listen that Mama promised him a grill for his birthday. She basically told him to chill out because they haven’t had time to go to the dentist to get molds made for his teeth yet. Well, it looks like they finally found the time because Madonna posted a picture on Instagram yesterday showing 8-year-old David grinning and blinging from ear-to-ear. She captioned it, “Someone stole my Grilzzzzzzz!!!”

R. Kelly has fallen way behind on his child support payments and is looking at jail time, but he is nowhere to be found. According to Page Six, last year he fell more than $100K behind, but managed to catch up. But his ex-wife says he’s not been making those $20K/month payments.  R. Kelly is due in court on March 27 and if he’s a no-show AGAIN — because he didn’t show up for a November hearing — the judge could sentence him to anywhere from 30 days to 6 months in jail. His attorneys have been trying to get in touch with him, because not only does R. Kelly owe his ex tens of thousands of dollars, he owed them several thousand, too!  And earlier this year, one of his homes was auctioned off to cover some of the millions he owes in unpaid taxes.

About a month ago, Cara Delevingne and Michelle Rodriguez just looked like a couple of drunk hot messes at a basketball game. But it looks like one sloppy night of attention-seeking drunkenness has blossomed into something more. Now they’re two drunk hot messes in love. Michelle is 35; Cara is 21. Michelle confirmed the romance to the Mirror, saying, “It’s going really well. She’s so cool. When we started hanging out, I just thought she was awesome, and we have the best time together. She’s hard, though. You wouldn’t want to mess with her in a fight.” Reportedly, Cara already asked Michelle to move in with her. I guess this pretty much ruins Harry Styles’ chances of ever getting back together with Cara, huh?

The celebrities paraded themselves out one after another for Jimmy Fallon’s debut as the new host of The Tonight Show. His first scheduled guests were Will Smith and U2, but despite surprise appearances by Lady Gaga, Lindsay Lohan, Mariah Carey, Robert DeNiro, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Kardashian — just to name a few! — the audience tweeted one big collective yawn. Among some of the comments:  “As much as I like Jimmy Fallon, that was one boring intro.” “Watched 5 min of Jimmy Fallon…boring…Yawn.” “I don’t like the new setup for the Jimmy Fallon show. It’s so dull and boring… #CmonFallon #BringBackTheOldSetUp”


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