JLo & Shakira Will Headline The Super Bowl Halftime Show

Demi Moore’s claim… Felicity Huffman has an update… Threats at the screening for the movie Joker… Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin’s wedding guest list… and JLo & Shakira will headline the Super Bowl halftime show

Demi Moore just isn’t telling all of Ashton Kutcher’s business in her memoir, she’s spilling the tea on President George W. Bush’s twins! Back in 2003, Demi writes, she and her 3 daughters moved into Ashton’s house while Demi’s home was being renovated. Before they moved in, though, Demi said Ashton’s place was a “straight up LA party house.” In fact, Demi claims that when Jenna and Barbara Bush were on a break from college — Jenna was at the University of Texas and Barbara was at Yale — they somehow ended up at one of Ashton’s parties “doing bong hits.” Demi said Ashton was convinced the Secret Service was listening in on his calls from that point on. Ashton has actually talked about the Bush twins before, but he made it sound like the girls were just in the room while one of his friends was sucking on a hookah. Will Jenna bring this up on the next “Hoda & Jenna”?

Felicity Huffman’s daughter is getting a do-over on her SATs. Felicity paid $15K to have a proctor give her daughter Sophia extra time to take the test and then correct some of her wrong answers. That earned Felicity 14 days in jail. While the College Board says they will prohibit students from taking the SAT if they “deliberately gained or attempted to gain an unfair advantage,” it’s obvious to everyone that Sophia had no idea this was going on.

“Joker” hits theaters next weekend and a lot of people are freaking out about what could potentially happen. Earlier this week, an internal Army memo vaguely warning about a potential mass shooting threat connected to “Joker” made the rounds on social media, but Army officials say there’s no credible information linked to any threat at any specific theater. However, Landmark Theaters has announced that if you show up to see the movie, you better not be wearing a mask, face paint or costume.

Justin and Hailey Bieber are having a big, beautiful wedding at the Montage Palmetto Bluff in SC on Monday. Late this past Wednesday, the hotel sent guests and email letting them know that due to the pending nuptials, they will be barred from accessing the spa, one of the pools and one of the restaurants from noon Sunday until noon Tuesday. Even though the hotel is offering to rebook the guests for another visit, upgrade their rooms or give them refunds, the Montage has some very unhappy rich people on their hands. Meantime, paparazzi may want to start hanging around the Hilton Head Airport because that’s probably where all the celebrity guests will be landing. Among the famous people expected to attend are Kendall Jenner, Chris Brown, Drake and Odell Beckham Jr.

The rumor was true! Jennifer Lopez will be performing at the Halftime Show at Super Bowl LIV in Miami! And SURPRISE!! Shakira is performing, too! As of right now, Jennifer and Shakira have no idea what they’ll be doing. They JUST started talking about it. But a source told Entertainment Tonight that more performers will be added and they will all have connections to Miami.

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