Juan Pablo cuts ties with The Bachelor… Kim Kardashian’s car accident… Lil Wayne’s last solo album?… Harry Styles bought a house in Beverly Hills… and John Mayer is suing one of Charlie Sheen’s friends

So Juan Pablo wants to totally disassociate himself all things “Bachelor,” but that doesn’t necessarily mean he wants to disassociate himself from all things reality television. Juan Pablo and the woman he doesn’t necessarily love, Nikki Ferrell, were photographed having lunch with WE TV’s “Marriage Boot Camp” counselors, Jim and Elizabeth Carroll. Obviously, they were hoping to be seen because otherwise they would’ve had their session in private…

If you’ve ever been involved in a car accident, did it end in a hug? That’s what happened on the streets of Beverly Hills yesterday. Kim Kardashian was driving down Sunset in her Mercedes G Wagon and put on her blinker to make a left at an intersection. Meantime, another driver coming the opposite direction had his right turn signal on, but rather than making that turn, he stayed straight and BOOM. Both cars suffered damage, but nothing major and nobody was ticketed. Kim and the other driver exchanged info, hugged and went their separate ways.

Lil Wayne told MTV News that he wasn’t kidding when he said “Tha Carter V” will be his last solo album. But! He said, “Twenty-five to 35 million would get me to do another solo album after this…I didn’t smile when I said it.” So, let’s get that Kickstarter account set up!

Just six months ago, Harry Styles dropped $5 million for a home in London. But since he’s in LA so much, he thought he should set up house there, too. Harry reportedly spent $4 million for a 5-bedroom, 4.5-bathroom house in Beverly Hills. His new neighbors include Demi Moore, Lisa Vanderpump, Jon Lovitz and Jon Voight. And his house is a few miles away from Kendall Jenner’s home in Calabasas.

TMZ is reporting that John Mayer is suing one of Charlie Sheen’s friends for $5 million. Charlie is a HUGE watch collector he’s close friends with watch dealer Robert Maron. Back in 2007, John bought a Rolex from Robert, but when he sent it off for repairs three years later, he found out it wasn’t authentic. John claims Robert said he wanted to make things right so he gave him credit to buy another Rolex. But John says in 2011, he found out that at least 7 of the watches he’d bought from Robert were fakes, so he’s suing. Robert’s lawyer is saying the lawsuit is without merit, and they look forward to defeating John in court.


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