John Travolta’s Former Pilot Spilling Secrets

A$AP Rocky’s legal troubles…Leonardo DiCaprio wants his picture back…Jay-Z and Beyonce headed for divorce…Selena Gomez turns 22…and get ready to read a tell-all book about John Travolta’s affair with his pilot!

A woman who claims A$AP Rocky slapped her across the face has slapped him with a civil lawsuit. Lisamarie Wade claims that last July she was at Philadelphia’s Made in America tour and as A$AP made his way through the crowd, people were pushing and shoving to get close to him and she was caught up in the movement of all those bodies. Lisamarie claims that A$AP stopped right in front of her, turned around, drew his arm back and slapped her with his open hand right across the face. Lisamarie says he hit her so hard she fell to the ground and was temporarily disoriented. She filed a criminal complaint but the DA decided not to pursue criminal charges. Now Lisamarie is pursuing the civil claim, seeking damages in excess of $75K.

Moments in Time is offering to sell an autographed photo of Leonardo DiCaprio with Nelson Mandela. Nelson signed it, “To Leo DiCaprio, Best Wishes, Mandela, 9-8-07.” The asking price is $25K. But here’s the problem: Leo wants it back. And if he doesn’t get it, he’ll sue. But as Moment in Time owner Gary Zimet told Leo’s lawyer, “He’s welcome to buy it. It’s the only way he’ll get it.” Gary didn’t say how he came to possess this picture in the first place….

Rumors that Jay Z and Beyonce are headed for divorce just won’t go away. “Star” magazine is reporting that while the couple are on the “On the Run” tour, things have gotten tense backstage. Allegedly, Jay had all these women in his dressing room and Beyonce hit the roof. She reportedly called the women “cockroaches” who needed to be fumigated! And she gave each one the death stare as they filed out of the room.

Selena Gomez celebrated her 22nd birthday partying on a yacht with Cara Delevingne in St. Tropez. Back home in the states, Taylor Swift instagrammed her happy birthday wishes to Selena. Good thing Selena started following Taylor again on Instagram or she would’ve never seen it….

A California court has ruled that John Travolta’s former pilot will be allowed to make his case that he never signed a confidentiality agreement and should be allowed to write a tell-all book about their relationship. Douglas Gotterbra claims he had more than just a business relationship with John that lasted for six years. He says when he voluntarily left John’s company, he signed a three-page termination agreement. But he is adamant that it did NOT include a confidentiality clause, so he should be allowed legally to write about their affair.


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