Johnny Depp saves his Yorkies

B.B. King passed away at 89… David Letterman’s final guest… Gigi Hadid has rebounded with Joe Jonas… Louis Tomlinson talks to James Corden about Zayn Malik… and Johnny Depp saves his Yorkies

News broke last night that legendary blues guitarist B.B. King passed away peacefully in his sleep at his home in Vegas. He was 89. He was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes more than 20 years ago but that didn’t stop him from performing well into his 80s. But in the fall of last year, B.B. had to cancel several tour dates and he had to be hospitalized twice in April. On May 1, he entered hospice care at his home.

David Letterman’s last show is this Wednesday, May 20, and now we know his final guest will be………..Bill Murray! Bill was Dave’s first guest on “Late Night” back on February 1, 1982, and he was also Dave’s first guest on the “Late Show” when it debuted on August 30, 1993. As far as the rest of Dave’s final broadcast, Eddie Vedder will be the musical guest. But that’s really all we know. CBS wants to keep the rest a surprise.

We just found out a few days ago that Gigi Hadid and Cody Simpson broke up, and now we’re hearing that Gigi has rebounded with Joe Jonas. It’s not like Gigi is a rebound for Joe, though. He’s been single since breaking up with Blanda Eggenschwiler last summer.

The guys in One Direction are really good friends with James Corden, so they were probably more open with him than they would be with another talk show host. On last night’s “Late Late Show,” James asked Louis Tomlinson if he’s been in touch with Zayn Malik. He said, “Yeah, there’s been a bit of back and forth.” And, of course, the audience laughed because of Louis and Zayn’s recent Twitter feud. James asked about that, too, and Louis said, “I’ve never been very good at biting my tongue, maybe I get it off my mom. It’s just one of those things. Twitter’s great for connecting with the fans but also if you feel like saying something you probably shouldn’t, it’s also good for that as well. Or bad in this case.” But Louis said he’s been in touch with Zayn since then and that “it’s all good in the hood” now. Liam Payne also said that the guys were a little bit angry and surprised with Zayn left but they all knew the general vibe Zayn was feeling. But he insists that now there are no hard feelings and they “wish him the best of luck with whatever he gets up to.”

Johnny Depp couldn’t risk his babies’ lives, so he put his Yorkies, Pistol and Boo, on his private jet and flew them from Australia back to California. Johnny sneaked his dogs into the country to keep him company while he films the next Pirates movie. But bringing pets into Australia involves applying for a permit and a quarantine upon arrival for at least 10 days. Johnny didn’t do any of that. So Australia’s agriculture minister Barnaby Joyce said that if Johnny didn’t get the dogs out of his country by Saturday, he’d order them to be euthanized. So Johnny complied, and after the doggies departed, Mr. Joyce tweeted, “Dogs gone.”


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