Jon Hamm wanted to be in ‘Gone Girl’

Weekend box office news… Mariah Carey’s rebound guy… One Direction’s first performance since Zayne quit for good… Calvin Harris would swipe left on Taylor Swift… and Jon Hamm wanted to be in ‘Gone Girl’

“Home” was number one at the box office this weekend, doing way better than expected with $54 million in its debut weekend. “Get Hard” debuted in second, but it did really well with $34.6 million. In its second week, “Insurgent” dropped to third with $22.1 million.

Mariah Carey has rebounded from Nick Cannon with her longtime friend Brett Ratner. Even though Brett’s rep told “People” magazine that dating rumors are “ridiculous,” those who were on the yacht with them in St. Barts this weekend say they were clearly together. Brett and Mariah were celebrating their birthdays this weekend. His was Friday; hers was Saturday. And they were born just one year apart.

One Direction performed in Johannesburg, South Africa, Saturday night — their first concert since Zayne announced he was quitting the band for good. There was no mention of Zayn. He was edited out of the band’s intro video…his solo verses were sung by other guys in the band…But Zayn was still missed. A writer for “Billboard” was in the audience and he said that Liam got so emotional during “Through the Dark” that his voice broke and he had to walk off stage.

Back in November, Calvin Harris told a British radio show that he would swipe left on Taylor Swift because she’s the opposite of his type. Fast forward to the two of them grocery shopping and they are OBVIOUSLY a couple. Sources told TMZ that Calvin got to know Taylor through her besties, the Haim sisters, and he really liked her. Plus, sources say he realized the business benefits of dating Taylor.

Imagine “Gone Girl” starring Jon Hamm. It could’ve happened….IF the creator of “Mad Men” would’ve let Jon rearrange his TV shooting schedule to do the movie!! That’s what sources have told “Page Six” at least. Jon reportedly was super upset about it. Upset enough to make him hit the bottle? Jon recently admitted to completing 30 days in rehab for alcohol abuse.


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