Showbiz Top 5: Jonas Brothers cancel concert tour due to a ‘deep riff’

The cast of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills won’t speak with Lisa Vanderpump…Hayden Panettiere confirms her engagement…Bruce Jenner’s sons are happy to hear about the split…Lamar Odom tested negative for drugs and looking to play basketball and the Jonas Brothers cancel concert tour due to a ‘deep riff’ in musical direction.

The women of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” have apparently turned on Lisa Vanderpump in a big way, and it’s so bad, she wants to quit. is reporting that the entire cast refuses to speak with her, including her former bestie Brandi Glanville, who reportedly grew sick of being used as Lisa’s puppet. And what’s really strange, former enemies Brandi and Kyle Richards are now as thick as thieves and rubbing it in Lisa’s face. But the thing is, Lisa has Bravo executive Andy Cohen wrapped around her finger. He even gave her the spinoff, “Vanderpump Rules.” But if she wants off Real Housewives badly enough, a source says Andy will let her leave.

Hayden Panettiere never would confirm her engagement to Ukrainian boxer Wladimir Klitschko…UNTIL she was accused of cheating with her married “Nashville” co-star Jay Hernandez. Now she’s happy to flash that gigantic rock on her ring finger — which is exactly what she did yesterday on “Live! With Kelly and Michael.” When Kelly asked her flat out if the ring signified anything, Hayden said, “I think it speaks for itself.”

Two people who are thrilled that Kris and Bruce Jenner and separated? That would be Bruce’s sons, Brandon and Brody. When Bruce married Kris back in 1991, Bruce basically checked out of his sons’ lives. They were raised by their mom, Linda Thompson, and their stepdad, David Foster. The boys felt like they’d been abandoned by their father, who didn’t pay child support for years. And when he finally did start writing checks, they were for only $1500 a month. The boys blame Kris for all of it. And now that Bruce is living alone in Malibu, the boys are finally reconnecting with their dad. Meantime, Kendall and Kylie are split on the matter. Kendall is taking dad’s side while Kylie is sticking with mom.

TMZ reported that on Tuesday, Lamar Odom took blood and urine tests for drugs, and they came back negative! So he plans to fly to NYC today — with test results in hand — to take meetings with basketball teams about the possibility of getting back in the game. Lamar also plans to visit with his family there, so he can get away from the negative energy in LA.

The boys themselves aren’t commenting, but their rep says the Jonas Brothers have canceled their upcoming tour because of a deep rift within the band. The JoBros were kicking off the first of their 19 shows tomorrow night in Pennsylvania, but that’s been scrapped because of what their spokesman said was “a big disagreement over their music direction.”

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