Showbiz Top 5: Justin Bieber has food poisoning

Elizabeth Berkley was voted off of ‘Dancing with the Stars’… Last movie ever rented from Blockbuster: This is the End.. Justin Timberlake got an estimated $1.3 million for solo acoustic set… Kelly Clarkson talks getting pregnant on ‘The Tonight Show’… and Justin Bieber has food poisoning

SPOILER ALERT:  In a decision that shocked the judges speechless and caused them to rise up out of their seats in dismay, it was not the lowest scoring dancer Bill Engvall who went home on “Dancing with the Stars” last night. It was Elizabeth Berkley Lauren, as she likes to be called now. I’m sure Bill felt the love when Carrie Ann Inaba managed to mouth the words, “That’s not right” as the crowd bood. Oh well! See you next week, Bill!

So we talked last week about how Blockbuster Video was closing its remaining stores, and that’s now happened. But guess what movie was the last rental EVER at a Blockbuster? It happened in Hawaii at 11pm this past Saturday night. The Blockbuster employees posed for a picture with the last renter EVER and posted it on Twitter. And what was the last movie ever rented at Blockbuster Video, you ask? “This Is the End.” Star Seth Rogan even went on Twitter to share in the moment, tweeting, “This is nuts and sad.” That’ was followed by, “The last movie ever rented from a blockbuster was this is the end. In high school I would go hang out at blockbuster every day.”

If you ever get the wild idea to hire Justin Timberlake to perform a private concert for you, his going rate right now for an acoustic solo performance is reportedly around $1.3 million. That’s what the founder of Smartwater and Vitaminwater paid for Justin to do a little set as a surprise for his wife on their 10th wedding anniversary.

Kelly Clarkson has made no secret of the fact that she’s ready to have babies. She told Jay Leno last night that she and her new hubby Brandon Blackstock are practicing “like rabbits.” TMI? But what do you expect from newlyweds, right? Jay HAD to ask if she’s expecting now, right? Kelly didn’t say yes…but she didn’t say no! She said, “We’re not announcing anything right now.”

I don’t know what he ate, but whatever it was made Justin Bieber so sick that he had to end his show early in Buenos Aires. His manager Scooter Braun said Justin was so sick, he had to get an IV to replenish his fluids and the doctor advised him to cancel the show. But Scooter says Justin insisted on giving it a try. However, about an hour into the show, Justin told the audience he was out of gas and blew a kiss as he walked off stage. No word on whether he’s going to do a makeup performance.

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