Courteney Cox and Johnny McDaid reunited… Sandra Bullock planning a wedding… Sharon Osbourne on “The Talk”… Selena Gomez cuddling with Orlando Bloom… and Justin Bieber is ‘done’ taking pictures with his fans

For whatever reason, Courteney Cox and Johnny McDaid of Snow Patrol called off their engagement back in December. But now they are reunited and it feels so good! The two of them were spotted together again on Easter Sunday and then they showed up together for some random awards show last night. Johnny told E! News, “Just look at us. I love her. I’ve always loved her.” Of course E! had to ask if the wedding was back on. Johnny said, “Let us win an award first.” is reporting that Sandra Bullock is quietly planning a summer wedding to her model/photographer boyfriend, Bryan Randall. One family insider told Radar that she may actually have the wedding coincide with her birthday on July 26. The couple met back in January 2015 when Sandra hired Bryan to photograph her son Louis’ birthday party. By the fall, Bryan had moved into Sandra’s home and he’s been acting like a father figure to her now 6-year-old son and 3-year-old daughter, Laila.

After news broke that Sharon Osbourne kicked Ozzy out of the house because she caught him cheating with a hairdresser, she took Monday off from “The Talk” to gather her thoughts. She was back Tuesday, carrying herself a tall glass of lemonade — an obvious nod to Beyonce’s “Lemonade.” Sharon said she had kicked Ozzy out, but he decided to move back in so she packed up and left. She doesn’t know what’s next, though. She explained, “ I don’t know where I’m going, who I’m going with. And I just need time to think about myself…about what do I really want for the rest of my life. Because I’m 63 years of age and I can’t keep living like this.”

Sharon Osbourne opens up on “The Talk”

After she finished the opening night of her tour in Vegas, Selena Gomez felt like celebrating! She had herself a VIP table at Light in Mandalay Bay and somehow she ended up cuddling with Orlando Bloom. A source told Page Six, “They spent a solid hour together and there was tons of security in front of her table. It was just the two of them, her friends were on the dance floor. It got a little heated. They were talking closely.” So! Does this mean Orlando and Selena just super close, cuddly friends? Or was he cheating on Katy Perry??  I’m leaning toward cheating because of Katy’s tweet that popped up after the nightclub incident: “What’s the cut off age of being able to say ‘I want to grow old with you’ like 50? 65? 31? :-/ ”    Katy just so happens to be 31….

Back in March, Justin Bieber announced that he was canceling all fan meet-and-greets on his Purpose tour. He said he was left feeling “drained and unhappy.” But now, he’s letting us know that he will no longer be taking photos with fans. He finally reached his breaking point yesterday when people kept taking his picture while he was walking around a park in Boston. He stopped to feed some squirrels and then took off his shoes and sat on a bench to listen to some music. He just wanted to be left alone and kept his security at a distance. But something in him snapped. He posted on Instagram yesterday:

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